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  1. I think I look wonderful!!.. but that's because I have bangs now and my forehead acne is fully covered. Thank God for hair growth! (and acne nowhere else on my face)
  2. I just bought 2 packs of Activia Yogurt by Dannon, which is supposedly proven to help your digestive system within 2 weeks. I know it contains sugar, but I think if I take caprylic acid, garlic, MSM, colloidal silver, echinadrea, & golden seal that it will knock off that 17 g of sugar I'd eat a day, while up to 1 Billion live organisms of this new probiotic, "Bifidus Regularis", can travel deep into the stomach without being eaten away by stomach acid. I'm very hopeful!!
  3. Saw Palmetto stopped my shedding and is very popular for being known to slow down/stop male pattern balding.
  4. Awwwwe Brandy, I was just joking around with my response! I knew you were just being silly. No harm done *muah!*
  5. Maybe Brandy should change her name to "Hurtful Person" because she sure did hurt my feels! I'M GOING TO PUT MY FACE IN A POT OF BOILING WATER NOW!! Maybe I can get some redness then! Hmph!
  6. My face use to be reddish-tinted from the BP, and now I've been using the Neosporin routine.. and the redness is gone and I miss it. Maybe it's just me.... but my skin wasn't really THAT red when using BP. It actually gave me a bit of color, which I liked. Does anyone feel the same way?
  7. Nope, people have been known to take up to 10,000 MG without side effects, so I'm sure 6,000 is just fine
  8. Capsule, but I break it in half so it dissolves better. I take 6000 MG a day with a Vitamin C each time I intake. It took about eh... 2 weeks to begin seeing results with my skin, but even sooner with soothed muscles & stronger, healthier feeling hair.
  9. I just made my own flush drink using the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet and a whole bottle of Magnesium Citrate (lemon-flavored liquid), and it tastes just like tang! I know it's not as extreme as olive oil & grapegruit/lemon juice.. but I think it'll be easier for me to swallow.
  10. Apply Vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, or pure aloe vera gel (or all 3!) to the cut 2-4 times a day, and it will eventually fade.
  11. That's so weird, because there is no doubt in my mind that I am the healthiest person when it comes to what I eat on this board... but I was not aware of the carrot juice tip, so thanks for that abunch!
  12. Wow!! My skin hasn't looked this good in a few months! No new bumps as of late and my skin is beginning to feel firmer and less oily. Wow! I guess I'm seeing the positive effects now after breaking out from it for the past week. Not to mention my hair is growing like weeds! MSM is great stuff, really.
  13. YES!!! It is so strange.. I don't get tiny pimples anywhere on my face, but on my forehead.. I have these huge cystic bumps popping up. It's so strange!
  14. The reason why it may have not worked or broke people out is because it is a tonic, which means it detoxes... so it's going to bring out the bad stuff first then begin helping. Or so I've been told.
  15. Take Borage Oil.. it contains the same things that help reduce sebum, but has twice the amount of helpful benefits than evening primrose. =)