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  1. this may seem like a silly question, but what the hey. i was reading another listing that said i should wait at least half an hour to go to sleep after i take my adoxa pill. is that true? i really want to use the medication properly.
  2. it depends on what you're looking for. if you want some uber attractive, physically flawless person than having acne and or scars probably won't help. but if you're true to yourself and come foreward with confidance than real people WILL find you attractive. for example, slug from the hip hop group atmosphere is a relatively ugly guy if you pay attention to his acne scars (they're pretty deep). however, hes a talentend musician and that comes from being truthful to himself and his fans. hen
  3. i'm a buddhist and believe in karma. i feel that karma can be seen everyday. you just need to look around. it might not be...donate to the salvation army and you win the lotto. it might be very subtle. like hold the door open for someone and they smile and say thank you or at the very least....you feel good about yourself. as for acne, i think that believing in karma can be beneficial as long as you're not looking for miracles. for instance, not hating on something or someone might equal
  4. i'm sure we all agree that light has a lot to do with it. but i also think that we develop a predisposition to our appearance over time. to be honest, i think its impossible for there to be a "real" you. like everything, its all perspective. for example, my girlfriend thinks i have beautiful skin, but i can tell when other people get uncomfortable looking at me. i go back and forth myself. the only that really bothers me is when i'm in natural sunlight and i look horrible. but thats not t
  5. 1. How are you feeling today? eh......a little too much time to think. i've forgotten how to relax. guess that also comes with living in nyc. 2. Do you use MSN alot? nope, i use aol im. 3. At what age did you get acne? 13 or somewhere close to that. mostly on my forehead till i was about 17 or 18. 4. What's your favourite food? wow, thats a tough one. i love thai food. 5. Would you exchange your acne for clear skin, but you have to live as a fat person for 2 years? i have no idea. if
  6. i've just started using plexion cleansing cloths and they seem to control oil pretty well. they're prescription so talk to your dermo. however, i also take adoxa and use benzaclin, which dries up my oil as well.
  7. i'm not on the "regimen", but i do use oral and topical medications. strangely, i've had a goatee for years and thats the only place thats not a trouble spot. this is just me though. i'm sure the added facial hair doesn't work for everybody. also, you won't notice any acne if you can grow a thicky goat.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'll look into the suggestions that you posted. Theres a lot i need to learn so i plan on seeing a new dermo, checking out a homopathetic doc, and doing my own research. I'm 24 and this needs to end. Again, thanks for the info.
  9. is it just me or does Klaron eventually become less effective over time? i've been using it for about a year now and my skin seems to know whats up. any suggestions on what to do next? i've been on accutane (made me severly depressed), minocycline (didn't really seem to work), Klaron, and a plethora of over-the-counter medications. i'm thinking homeopathic, but i'm not sure how effective it will be on my moderate/severe acne.