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    Nautical stuff....stories (fiction and non).<br />Music, especially classic rock, country rock, folk? (John Horton). My fav's are probably Hank Jr., Kid Rock, Skynard, AC/DC, Aerosmith.<br />Adult cartoons (Fam Guy, Futurama, ATHF, Spaceghost, Sealab, etc.)<br />Astronomy, philosophy, geology.<br />Sci-fi and Fantasy books (George R.R. Martin and Isaac Asimov)
  1. Good luck, make sure you have a good moisturiser, sun-screen and chap-stick picked out....you will dry out like a day or 2 after you start! Oh and some people said eye drops...I didn't need them, but they are cheap so better safe than sorry I guess.
  2. Tell the doc you want to use Accutane. I'm older but that's what I had to do. Went a few times on and off throughout the years and everyone wanted to basical start from scratch with some form of AHA or Doxy and what not.....finally I just told the Doc that I'm really done with all that jazz and weighed the risks and really wanted to get started. GL
  3. I use the basis bar, it's nice and cheap. Sorta like the purpose bar I guess.
  4. Complex 15 is what I use for moisturiser w/o SPF, it works really good and is pretty cheap. It doesn't have any AHA though. I'm going to try one of the Alpha Hydrox(sp?) products I think, until Dan's comes out, they have moist + AHA w/o sunscreen which sounds ideal for night time use.
  5. Good on you Dan! Brandy is great mod and an A+ asset to the CSR/Acne.org.
  6. I've been taking the GNC Mega Men vitamin for a few weeks now. Haven't really noticed any difference one way or the other....except my pee is neon yellow after I take one (says to take 2 pills, but I split them up throughout the day). I'm going to keep taking them though since overall it's real cheap 0.40 a day, may get a lower priced one at that like Centrum.
  7. I have rolling scars on my jaw line area, I guess about 2 inches by 3 inches on both sides of my face. How long would I need to take off of work if I did needling? I wouldn't want to go to work with a big gause bandage full of ointment basically. Thanks for any info.
  8. I've heard people say it's because of particular phages in the sea water. I did some reading, phages are basically viruses that attack bacteria....pretty neat.
  9. I'll buy that for a dollar! Ever since I started working out more and eating a lot more in general I have gained about 20 pounds and have been able to only wash/BP/Moist one time a day instead of 2.
  10. I think just getting a good amount of sleep would do the trick...I mean 10pm is different for everyone in different places of the world. Just make sure you are also getting some sun throughout the day at some point.
  11. I have been trying to get more sleep...and a regular sleeping pattern at that. I also been taking cod liver oil and the GNC mega-men vitamin. Maybe in a few weeks after I got a better diet with more veggies I will try and stop doing BP every day for a week or 2 and see how it goes. Never heard of psyllium husk before though.
  12. I don't think so, many people now-a-days think doctors are bad, the govt is out to get them and everything man-made is not as good as anything natural. If it was a joke, OK ya got me!
  13. Animals in the wild get diseases, just not as often as humans because there are not overcrowded areas of animals like humans. Apes and monkeys absolutely do not live to be 120 years old...more like 20 for an ape and 30 or 40 for a monkey. I do agree that a healthy diet could help general skin conditions and the reduction in chances of getting cancer though.
  14. Why on earth did you use BP or some other topical if you had clear skin? I have tried modifying my diet a lot and some of the things I still do, like drink loads of water and take a cod liver oil suppliment for the EFA. I also tried doing w/o dairy and didn't change anything. Anyway, I still use soap/BP/Moist and it's working so far (6 months) with no crazy side effects. I have not done the exfoliation, maybe some day.