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  1. This is ridiculous; the derm made a recommendation, you decided on your own to do something completely different, and the doctor is responsible? Don't spend even a penny trying to litigate this; you'll be throwing your money away.
  2. This might sound stupid, but any tips on how to find the right color, short of going to a make-up store? If not, I might just buy a whole bunch of shades and try them out at home.
  3. Actually, hypopigmented skin does not tan as other skin does (as there is not as much melanin). While the skin may tan a bit, the rest of your face will tan even more, making it more noticeable.
  4. Thanks for all the help; I don't know a thing about make up so this is really great info.
  5. Hi Stevie Lee, Thanks for the suggestions; I actually don't have a digicam unfortunately, so I can't put up a pic. I don't actually know helpful a pic will be; it's a pretty garden variety lightened area of skin. It's quite a bit more apparent under bright light than in normal lighting. Any other suggestions from Stevie or anyone?
  6. Hello, This isn't really related to acne, but I thought I might get some good advice here. Basically, I have an area on my cheek that is lighter than the surrounding skin, due to a surgical cyst removal. I'd ideally like to wear something on a daily basis to slightly darken the skin in this area. Being a guy, this might not be so easy, and I don't know a thing about make-up. I figure my options are something like: liquid foundation powder foundation tinted moisturizer Any thoughts on the
  7. Perhaps this was an overstatement, as I wouldn't be posting here if they didn't affect my life to some degree. I'm just not sure how agressively I'd look to improve them, given the potential risks.
  8. I know what you mean. I'd feel pretty badly if I ended up damaging my skin to get rid of scars that don't negatively affect my life.
  9. Might I be able to get confirmation of this by one or two more users?
  10. Hello, After a bit of lurking, I've finally got myself a digicam and have found the nerve to post these pics. Since these are flash pictures, it's hard to capture the extent of my scars due to the elimination of shadows. Anyway, I'd appreciate some help in determining what kind of scarring I have. I never could quite tell. Though my scars are not severe (my opinion), they do bother me quite a bit and I'd possibly consider some kind of treatment in the future. Thanks for any help you migh