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  1. First of all i'm not sure if i spelt it right #-o , but i know that that is how it sounds. Tet-Ro-Cy-Clin. I just got this medication yesterday from my pediatrician. (yes, i still go to one, i'm only 14 after all...). And he prescribed me to this medication called tetrocyclin. I am supposed to go back in 10 days so that he can see if he should give me more powerful stuff or down the dosage. My dad was on tetrocyclin and it worked for him, so I am hoping that it will work for me aswell. H
  2. Hey Everyone I was just wondering if it was okay to pop whiteheads, even though I am on the regiment. I usually pop zits and sqeeze out blackheads if they look squeezable (u know what i mean?). Its just so hard not to! I mean...the whitehead it just staring me in the face whenever i go to the washroom or look in a mirror. "Pop Me...POP ME!". This is the way i pop them: Run a needle through a flame to steralyze it. Wash my hands (of course). Prick a little hole at the white head. Wrap my 2 ind