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  1. Hi there. I was perscribed accutane back at the beginning of July, but the derm never put me into the computer until mid august. So I finally got the card and whatnot, but no password. On the ipledge site it says that the password should be mailed to me after i'm registered, but I haven't gotten anything in the mail yet and it's been 2 weeks. so does it really come in the mail? or do you need to ask your doctor for it? Thanks.

  2. Bah, I completely understand.

    I actually went to the dermatologist with my mom and he said "YOU NEED ACCUTANE." but after reading all the side effects online she's like 'i don't think you can go on accutane...it causes cancer' wtf? How old are you? I'm almost 17 so I'd need parental consent and $$. I'd think its better to do it sooner so you wouldn't scar or anything though.

    ugh parents are so difficult sometimes.

    Hope you can make them see that it's for the better. best of luck.