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  1. I agree this is a possibility but seems a bit too much of a coincidence to me. MPB doesn't run in my family and I've never given hairloss a second thought since now. Right now my hair is much dryer than usual and not even necessary to wash it as often as its not getting greasy. It might just be the cold UK winter starting though? I guess my main questions are: 1) is it possible that the B5 'boosters' we are using like L Carnitie and NAC enhance the good bits of B5 but also the bad side
  2. Hi everyone Been lurking on this forum for years but rarely post. I have kept a keen eye on this one as I'm 28 years old and still having trouble with persistent moderate acne. I want to try the juicing ASAP once I buy a good juicer but I have been trying the vitamins/water/less sugar thing since July. Initially I had good results and having come off oxytetracycline antibiotics in may I was happy for this to manage the remaining few spots that would crop up. Unfortunately since the sta
  3. i am still awaiting this 'normality' and i quit BP last September
  4. Another testament to my theory that BP messes with your skins natural balance. Constantly drying it out for 4 years or so with a chemical will obviously make your skin freak out if you sop using it. Grown out of acne or not. I am still yet to come accross anyone who has been clear on the regimen and come off and remained clear. I quit the regimen in September and my skin is still recovering slowly but surley. I had used BP for 4 years aswell and I am now 23. I dont know what advice to offer you
  5. The way i see it is BP and other skin products work at keeping acne at bay but at a cost! If they do work (and they dont for everybody) they have to be used on a constant and consistant basis. However like many im sure i was quite happy to do this as a teenager but fully expected to ween myself off the products as a young adult. I strongly believe that these products prolong acne and i have found this out at a cost. The main reason i believe this is so far and this is purely my observations -
  6. I know what you mean, it's really interesting, especially because before my sebum had a distinct smell, it was very gunky. Very strange, almost like an oil slick. When I would get too oily, I would start smelling it, it was the smell of horror! How much does your nordic naturals cost you for 3 grams daily? I eventually want to move on to liquid for maintenance dosages (if I get completely clear). Also, after stopping omega 3's, how long does it take for you to start feeling that way? I want
  7. I had similar reaction to using Dans BP after a few months of use i had to quit altogether. Been BP free since September and its been a rocky ride but hoping a more natural approach will eventually sort me out. Anyway in terms of you - Stress and lack of sleep can be big factors to irritated skin and as you commented on your exams and late nights of studying this could be the cause! a few weeks of less stress and early nights might help supplement your current regimen
  8. hey guys, been taking fish oils for a week now, been slowly ramping up the dosage from 3 pills (each containing 300mg omega 3) on about 5 a day now. Did anyone else breakout the first few weeks of this because my skin is getting worse by the day. I was breaking out maybe once a week but it is now daily. Just wondering if this is common in the first few weeks of this cos obviously its a little disheartening. Any advice would be great! Just to clarify i eat a fairly good diet , green smoothies et
  9. been a week on them, just had a huge one appear on my cheek. Getting a little dishearetend with it as it has made things worse than they were before... do you think i should stick with it? I said i would definately give it 2 months initially but i have just started a new job so i would rather not be breaking out much longer!
  10. Doubt im allergic really, eat a lot of fish and havnt had that problem. Havnt had any allergic symptoms - rash etc. Just a few more zits than usual on my chin which im kinda bummed about as my mouth area has been great for the last few months. Never mind. Hopefully it will clear me up. I also started taking a multivitamin at the same time so might be down to that. Ive cut that out for now to see if that helps. Buffy - how long before you saw results?
  11. Hey guys, I am also taking fish oils, Its coming up to a week and i have unfortunately suffered a really bad breakout all around my mouth and chin. Dont know whether to stick with it as it has got so much worse instead of improving. Anyone else had these kind of results to begin with? Is my body Just getting used to it?
  12. So the pressing question here is if this leaky gut theory is a factor what are our options to stopping, curing reversing this condition?
  13. hey guys, Good thread, im thinking about starting this. Do you think this would be a good product as it seems you get all essential omegas including a dose of GLA aswell? http://www.highernature.co.uk/cgi-bin/HN.storefront/EN/ Or should i just stick to omega 3 fish oil? thanks guys Sorry , that link didnt seem to work, the product im talking about is number 7 in the top best sellers called "essential Omegas"