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  1. Would you class them as severe red marks/scars?, How should i get rid of them? left side right side
  2. I did the CSR for a year or so but it got boring, after some persuading the doc gave me some pills (accutane) and its helped get rid of the benzolyn reliance and clear me up mostly. The side effects included chronic nose bleeds to the point where I nearly passed out from blood loss but I kept on with it and they went after a while. my cam aint very good sorry... this is how it is at the moment (left side), you can see lots around the cheek, this is redmarks mostly and scars, could 40mg a day
  3. Yes life sucks, but not as much as YOU think. Trust me, acne is evil, it is hell, a disfiguring disease festering over your outward contact to your peers. However, there is always worse in this world, Ill never forget the image of seeing pictures of children being so malnourished, vultures wait for them to die in the background. It is hard to admit, having a face full of acne hell, but most of you have financial security, shelter, food to eat AND the reasurance that MOST of time acne is temp
  4. Nope. It's only valid for NHS prescriptions. If you're going private, it's assumed you're rich enough to pay for your own drugs... Wow, guess Im gonna have to wait then.
  5. Whoa, I have a hc1 form? will that cover the costs?
  6. I cant believe it takes 6 months to see the derm where I am (Derby) and if thats not bad enough, to cut the queue it costs £130 to go private!! Is there any way of speeding this process up?
  7. I dont know, my mum told me to do it the doctor way, thats the way I did it.
  8. Thats fuckin bullshit. Tell me, who has more knowledge of my condition, you or me?
  9. You have to demand he takes you to a dermatologist, i have won an appointment to the derm to sort out my new problem (rosacea), which I then intend to demand roaccutane. You have to be real firm with these people. Yea i was thinking of that but knowing hte NHS theres propably one long waiting list, im just not use to this because i come from south africa and if i was htere i could just go to the doctor and ask him for accutane and he would pu me on it, but i guess there i had medical in
  10. I think that there is an international conspiricy against accutane. I know many people who have used with it minimal side effects.