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  1. Having read the previous post on copper peptides, i'd like to know how everyone is getting on with them. Is anyone seeing any or more results with the super cop and super cp serum? Denise, i read that you you apply the super serum 2 or 3 times a day, do you not use exfol cream in the morning then the serum at night like recommended? Or do you not use Exfol cream.
  2. When you say you use one part 1 and what part vinegar, what do you mean? Do you just fill a bottle with half water then half vinegar and shake? Then do you just keep using the same diluted bottle until it runs out.
  3. Go to skin-biology.com and look at the copper peptides they have on offer, they sound promising.
  4. Is there anywhere we can buy this in the uk as it would prove pretty expensive to keep getting it shipped every month? ](*,)
  5. Poohman, my shots cost me £90 for the shots each time(had two sessions). Nottobad is right when he says that the shots may leave a pit but to me i'd be happy with that cos then i could work on the pit area. Like anyone with keloids know, there a really pain in the ass and i'd rather have a pit for the time being rather than a big noticeable keloid. I've heard these sheets have worked on a few people but my keloids are in an awkward position on my chest, which resulted in the sheets coming off
  6. Hi Flood, i tried these gel sheets(cica care) for 5-6 months continuously and they never made one bit of difference. They always came off when you sweat a little aswell. I went to a derm and he gave me cortisone shots which have made the scars flat with my skin. They've faded a little but are still noticeable.
  7. Hi silentx, i've used dermatix buit was for raised scars and this didn't do me any good. I still have half a tube left. Where you from exactly?
  8. I've had the cortisone shots from my derm and they have flattened them out but there still visible which was the depressing thing in the first place. I search quite alot for info on these but haven't found anything promising yet. Forget about gel sheets, i used these for many a month and they made no difference at all. Ballastad you mention needling, what are the expected results with this?
  9. I've just been to the derm and he gave me some kind of shot which burst open the keloids i have on my chest and the one i have on my back. I then covered the keloids in bandages overnight. I have to go back in a couple of months to see him so he can access how there doing. It cost me 300 pound for the treatment but if it works then it'll be worth it. Don't bother with the cica care sheets there crap and come of easily if your doing exercise or sweat a little.
  10. I went for an appointment with the derm on thursday about getting rid of my keloid scars on my chest and back. I now have an appointment this thursday at the hospital for treatment which the derm described as injecting the scars which would then flatten out. the treatment is costing £300 but if it works then its worth every penny to me. He also gave me some retinova cream for the white dimple looking spots i've had for years. Not sure if this will work but t cost £20 so might aswell give i
  11. Maya, Thanks for your advive on the moisturiser/sunscreen from paulaschoice but are there any alternatives that i could buy in England because it comes quite expensive when you include shipping costs etc.
  12. Maya, i know you said you bought the spf15 sunscreen,moisturiser from paula's choice but which one did you buy cos there is a few to choose from. Thanks again.
  13. Hello dodgy skin, could you explain what hyperpigmentation is and what it looks like?
  14. :?:Hi maya, glad to hear the tape method is working for you. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering them. 1. You say to use a moisturiser and sunscreen but in what order after taping? 2. What factor sunscreen do you use? 3. If i do the tape method every other day to start with, do i just need to apply the moisturiser and sunscreen on the day i do the tapeing? Thanks once again.
  15. Maya, What is scotch tape cos i've never heard of it? And is sellotape ok to use? Also after doing this can i just wash my face and leave it or is sunscreen a must after using the tape? Thanks.