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  1. yeah, just really depends on the person's facial structure. if i grew my hair out, i'd look like a FOB haha
  2. has anyone with asian-type skin tried this yet?
  3. Does it matter what kind of toner to get? Are there specific ones for specific skin types? I never heard of a guy use a toner before, but if it works thenawsome! Also, when you steam your pores, do you do that before, or after cleansing the face?
  4. Hi!! I have asian [chinese] male skin and lately I've been breaking bad.. all over my chin and forehead. Ive been using the cetaphil bar and that's been really drying up my face lately. My question is.. after I wash my face with a cleanser, do I directly apply a toner to my face? Or would I apply my tazorac cream and then a moistorizer? I heard that toner's help refresh the skin and help remove some of the dirt.. But then wouldnt' toner's close pores? And thus the cream would have a harder time
  5. My face still looks bad.. but heres a pic of me photoshopped. I was bored.
  6. Hey guys, So I woke up today and went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and BAM my whole right side of my nose is red. (just above the naval). When I press on it.. it hurts and I can see a bump beginning to form. I'm thinking it's either a pimple or a blackhead forming within the next day. Is there any ointments or anything I could put on ?! I hate these types of blackeheads/pimples because one they hurt the most and two they take forever to go away. Any help would be great. I'll be he
  7. I asked her to put me on accutane but she wanted me to wait until I come back to see if those stuff works..
  8. Well guys.. I just got back from the dermatologist and got my pills and topicals. The guy prescribed me a pill called Bactrim DS 800-160 and I am supposed to take that twice a day. He also gave me ( I actually went to walmart and got them... they cost me $157!!) Tazorac 60 grams 0.1% as well as Duac Topical Gel 45g. And he gave me samples of cleansers and moistorizers. Can someone please tell me how I would use all this stuff at once? At night.. am I soppose to cleanse my face, moistorize it, th
  9. Glad I'm not the only one! I'm using it right now, and have been using it for a month now. I like the cleanser, it makes my face feel nice and refreshing when I cleaned it. But my god, the second step. That clear stuffffff. It made my face real itchy and dry. Then the thrid step, the cream. That irritated my skin real bad. I did like the moistorizer though. I will be returning this and getting my money back sometime next week.
  10. Suje... keep us updated. I'll be taking accutane very very soon as I have severely bad acne.
  11. Hey, just a little update. I haven't really done much to my face -- I've been so busy with school and such! Now, I am on X-mas Break so I have to time to worry about my face. Recently, I got four blackheads on the top right side of my forehead, and they hurt but have gone down. My chin is breaking out like crazy, with little blotchy dark red bumps everywhere! Yeah, Im really trying to aviod BP because that stuff gets my face crazily red and irrtates it really bad. Should I be taking vitamin pill
  12. How did Accutane work for you?
  13. I might just have to go to another dermatologist, where my insurance doesnt cover it since that'd be the quickest way to see one. Yeah I am definitely returning the MURAD, it does not work at all! What do you guys think the dermatologist will give me for my treatment? I will have to ask him about getting accutane. How long do you usually have to be on it for?
  14. Sliqx

    Brown marks

    Hey Jay, Yeah I have the same problem. Before, if I ever had a pimple, the mark would fade away. But now for some reason, it doesn't. The mark actually stays there for maybe a year.
  15. so like are the things on my forehead, cysts, acne, or blackheads? what about on my chin? should i ice my face once in a while...