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  1. birth control did not help me, but everyone is different. dan's regimen works great. it did take 3 months.
  2. just buy a pack of white pillow cases from walmart. thats what i do. $5 for two.
  3. you really have to stick to the regimen, it took my face three months to get completely clear
  4. dont use it, because neosporin causes your skin to heal to quickly, leaving bacteria behind, which will cause breakouts all over again
  5. i never done drugs and i never took antibiotics and i still got acne at age 22, 4 years ago
  6. i used to break out 10 days before my period too, and i tried yasmin birthcontrol, but all it did is making me gain 15 pounds. now i am on dan's regimen and i am 100% clear even during that dreadful time of the month.
  7. it does take several months because your skin goes through cycles and it needs to stabilize. hang in there people!!!
  8. hmmm. i have not thought about that. good question. i use matrix products, but i am 100% clear now. even though i only wash my hair about twice a week
  9. i love this regimen. i tried so many different products but Dan's regimen works great. i am 100% clear.
  10. my face got better after two weeks, but it took about 3 months to be completely clear
  11. yeah thats what i do. when the bp is completely absorbed, i apply some moisturizer.
  12. yeah, i use one washcloth a day. it really makes a difference