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  1. Thank you. I do not have those. My acne is usually kind of light but gets very inflamed sometimes becasue I myself pick on it when really that only makes it worse...haha. I am dumb. Anyway, when I see people with worse problems like: no clothes, food, family, friends, diseases, only one leg, in wheel chairs, it makes me forget of my very very minor and small problem. My problem is nothing compared to thiers...they have it way worse. As a result, I rejoice for my very small problem. We live in a
  2. I will try the sea salt water. That is pretty interesting that sea salt water works but what is more interesting is that you say weed will help? Is that really true and do you know why?
  3. I never used St. Ives, but I used to use Lubridium on my face. I stopped using it though because it has oil in it and oil is a big cuase of Acne. I am glad it helped you though! If you look at the ingredients and it has mineral oil and that is why I stopped using it. Someone recommened that I use Olay's complete plus ultra-rich day cream becasue it does not have oil. I have been using that and it does help most of the time - not all the time though. It provides uba + uvb protection. Try it if yo
  4. For dry scalp Neutrogena's Therapeutic T/Gel works pretty well lots of times. There is extra strength also for stubborn conditions. See how that works and let me know?
  5. [ Well...I am new here and Ade invited me to your chat room, but I am stupified at how much you guys know about this stuff. I have done research myself and read a whole lot, but I dont remember the names of everything. Anyways, just wanted to get my self know and I started the regime that Dan suggest just yeseterday and its pretty amazing. My skin felt great. It was not all dry and irritated. It contained the oil really well also. I think that I have been trying to speed up the process by using
  6. The last time I drinked it helped. Just relaxed and chilled me out. I was able to have fun with no worries. Maybe it helps
  7. I am new here, but I would like to say that I have similar feelings when around my friends from highschool. Acne has such such control over feelings: self-esteem, confidence, and joy. Just as it is said "Beauty comes from the inside." Now, not everyone applies that to their life or even cares about it, but I believe it is true. I would like to say that it is horrible how people judge with physical appearnce and how it puts you in a different group from everyone else. Anyhow, as Grow To Overthrow