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  1. ilonka

    scar pics on phone cam

    From the album: my scar gallery

    uhhhhhhhhhh done w acne and now scars bring me mysery
  2. hey nicky , i've been getting a break out here nd there, its mostly clear , except when i do get one the red spot(scar) takes soo long to dissapear

    1. ilonka

      heres a scar picture in not so harsh lighting

      looks good in this lighting nice
    2. wuts up nat, how r u doing ,,? Im chillin, summer is cool,even though im in summer school haha,, I am kinda annoyed w my scars a lot more lately, i love being outdoors but feel so uncomfortable w all the makeup(it makes me look older)lol, ya nd Im obssed w a guy from school but he is in another state for the summer, kk im gnna ttyl pz

      1. heya! just dropin' nd checkin up on ur post tane, r u staying clear?

        1. ilonka

          scars 2.JPG

          maybe. i dunno. my derm. said there is nothing I can do about them. i think theyre pretty deep. i'm so confused. i just have to wait until my next app. do you have bad scars? uhhh ya, have u seen my pics ? lol dont lose hope, there is much u can do to fix ur skin, but u have to do the research on your own, nd talk to alot more surgeans. scars do heal on their own over time but not by much, before u decide on some seriouse treatment, you should at least start out with some rei
        2. ilonka

          scars 2.JPG

          aat least u have them is one area of ur cheeks , its probably going to be much easier to treat them then having scars all over
        3. WordUp gangsta! lol miss u gurrrrrl

          1. ilonka


            How many have u gotten?
          2. hey love thanks so much for ur comment and advice! i agree with u on makeup emphasizing the scars, but hey theres nothing i can do about it , for now i have to many red spots, btw do u think bareminerals is better than liquid fndation?, i hav'nt tried bare minerals yet

            1. wow ur soo pretty, yahhhhh!new york city in tha house,

              1. yo u got aim , so im gnna hit up!! since ur in the org nd u got aim lol ight dawg ,pz

                1. aww i wanna cut pussie like that

                  1. aww, ur such a sweetheart, nd u just put a smile on my face from ur comment, much love, btw ur skin looks great! muahzz

                    1. thanx for ur comment nd ur honesty, I really appretiate it. most people wanna tell me what they think i wanna hear , my family is always denying that its noticible, but i need tto hear the truth to accept myself, hmm,ok well thats enough of that , thanx again pz

                      1. haha im back!lol im chillin, enjoying my freedom before school starts again on tuesday, how bout urself

                        1. ilonka

                          almond oil

                          there a stila moisturizer w almond oil and stila consultand told me that almond oil as an ingredient will not make me brake out, should I take the chance ?
                        2. ilonka

                          SCAR TREATMENT

                        3. SHOOT! I WAS HERE ALREADY LOL

                          1. ya the city it ok ,sometimes, not in the summer though, sux if u lived here for a while , but i try to get away as much as possible , love PA though, hoping to go there this summer for a country msic concert

                            1. *btw one day ur gnna have to invide me to ur area, cause one day my dream will be fulfilled nd i will get my arse down under ya Mos DEf nd maybe see SILverchair!!!yay mostly Chris Joannou , I love him

                              1. ilonka


                                haha ur so sic
                              2. ilonka

                                Week 5 on Roaccutane

                                MIKe U should really cut down on the drinking. If ur next blood test shows up u have too many enzymes in ur liver,(due to drinking or other drugs) the doc will not give u ur meds for a month, till u take the the next test, and till theres improvement, ( If this happens nd u stop taking the meds for a month ur progress will slow down,) uhh it sux , I've been there, trust me on this one,, its frustrading and remember that accutane is doing enuff damage to ur liver as it so try to take c
                              3. ilonka

                                luna p.

                                how the fffffffff do u get all those bracelets on is it anoying? dang pick btw haha
                              4. hey i miss talking to u but i was like on massive mounts of prescripts, so i havnt had the chance to send u a crazy message with really bad spelling in a while,but hey at least u got a kick out of them lol right?! nywasy it was fun!Lol let me know how shit is

                                Ilonka PZ NAT