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  1. Hey, how are you?

    I just remembered another person that you resemble looks to...Famke Janssen from Nip/Tuck season 2!!!

  2. hey ilonka how have you been? hows everything coming along? hope all is welll.. miss our chats!

  3. awww, yeah break outs suck. Got one myself right now that is proving hard to stop. How are u anywayz?

  4. hey nicky , i've been getting a break out here nd there, its mostly clear , except when i do get one the red spot(scar) takes soo long to dissapear

  5. Wow. Nice pics? You still staying clear?

  6. hi hunnn! I'm breaking out at times but nothing scary. It mended what BC did to my skin - that's about it.

  7. wuts up nat, how r u doing ,,? Im chillin, summer is cool,even though im in summer school haha,, I am kinda annoyed w my scars a lot more lately, i love being outdoors but feel so uncomfortable w all the makeup(it makes me look older)lol, ya nd Im obssed w a guy from school but he is in another state for the summer, kk im gnna ttyl pz

  8. heya! just dropin' nd checkin up on ur post tane, r u staying clear?

  9. illlloooooonnnklkkkkaaaaaa...where r u? i miss u !!!!

  10. WordUp gangsta! lol miss u gurrrrrl

  11. hey love thanks so much for ur comment and advice! i agree with u on makeup emphasizing the scars, but hey theres nothing i can do about it , for now i have to many red spots, btw do u think bareminerals is better than liquid fndation?, i hav'nt tried bare minerals yet

  12. wow ur soo pretty, yahhhhh!new york city in tha house,

  13. yo u got aim , so im gnna hit up!! since ur in the org nd u got aim lol ight dawg ,pz

  14. aww i wanna cut pussie like that