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  1. I recently broke out I need some advice on how to possibly reduce some of the redness on my face. I look like a walking leopard. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm desparate here; Thanks in advance.
  2. Is it me or does this name sound ridiculous? LOL, sounds like you're for having the acne ](*,) Whats the point of buying it then? 8-[ Bad name.
  3. Hello All, After testing and testing, I finally realized that drying out my skin helps the sweat pimples on my forehead go away- 100%. However after using the treatments I have been (Dan's Regimen (On the Spot Treatment 2.5% BP) My face isn't drying out like it used to. I am becoming prone to it and my face is breaking out again. Does anyone have any suggesstions and how I can dry out my skin? I know it sounds like it wouldnt work or even irritate my skin even more, but for me in all case