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  1. hmm i say mosturizer and BRAND NIZZLE!!!!!!! wooha.
  2. gah. i know what you mean. i hate it. when i wake up, my skins all one tone and soft , not oily. ... im still wondering how to keep it like that all day. what kinda works is not getting overheated and using oil blotting tissue.
  3. ive been breaking out alittle bit though i havent all august when i did the acne cure. i think its from all the people in school poking my face and removing eyelashes that fall on my face :-/
  4. :watches as sweet potatoes disappear from supermarkets worldwide:
  5. my skin is far from perfect. but i;m very lucky that i;ve been able to get rid of the larger zits. :knock on wood: but i did have a boyfriend and a good share of secret admirers. we are indeed our own worst critics.
  6. hmm... "frans an ugly bitch who needs clearisil" ... and i was always nice to her "you liked that...thing? she has pimples all over her lips so when you kiss her, they pop. hahahaha." my friend kicked that guys ass for saying that "you have oil all over your face...pimples too." "ewwww pimples...zits...what happened?" "see...i told you she has chicken pocks." but now i;m clear. so fluck to all those hornbags.
  7. i don;t know...i remember last year all i ate was bread and i broke out to the max...then i stopped and now i;m clear
  8. i still dont understand acne...it doesnt even do anything like make you sick...its just kinda...there.
  9. awww :tear: she/he could very well be a mear fourteen year old child with 13 pimples or she/he could have more severe acne. either way, acne is acne and it affects you day to day. but cheer up emo kid. my parents didnt take me to a derm either at first. really push them. if they see how much this hurts you, theyll do it. or take matters into your own hands and try a regimen. mwah. feel better.
  10. uhh...after i apply the b.p. to my face, am i supposed to wait ten minutes before i put on the ice pack or put it on imediately after? spanks alot.
  11. hmmm benzamycin is absolutely amazing. i experienced redness and dryness at first. the dryness has stopped but it still get a little red if a pile alot onto a little zit. benzamycin clears up my white heads in a day and cleared my cysts over the period of maybe a month to two months. i was very lucky.
  12. hmmm i still have small bumps too, but the uneven skin tone and oil remains. ... sigh :plays sad slow song on violin: ({|=