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  1. @Sim786 my atrophy filled in almost overnight after about a month of waiting and several saline injections which I’m not sure if they did anything because I didn’t see any difference once the saline was absorbed. Yours looks much shallower than mine did and mine was on my forehead where there’s little muscle and fat. I would do saline injections if you can but also wait it out a month or two and see if it fills back in. I’m sure it will.
  2. @snowpea my indentation was large, and took about 2 months to just randomly get better. It’s completely gone and back to normal now, so please don’t stress too much! I did do saline injections but not actually sure they really helped because I never saw improvement after them and then it just improved spontaneously overnight. But my dent definitely was much bigger elongated from where the cyst and shot was given.
  3. So to update. I had many saline injections, I never really saw a difference in them and my dent got worse for the first month and a half and then stayed stable. I almost thought people were maybe exaggerating when they said the dent just popped back to normal over night. But about 4 days ago that’s what happened with mine. It is almost completely back to normal tonight. So weird but I am so incredibly relieved. I hope this gives people some hope.
  4. Hi @NextDefinition I wish I had seen some changes if anything it seems to be getting wider longer and deeper, it’s at least an inch long now and I had to cut bangs to cover it since I feel so awful about it. That helps a little bit. It’s good to know yours has healed so much and so quickly! And thanks for all the tips. I contacted a surgeon who told me I need to wait a minimum of three months before doing anything, so for now I guess I’ll just keep waiting and hoping that it will fill in.
  5. @beautifulambition hi thanks for your help, I’ve seen a few threads recently about the atrophy and it seems like some people’s fill in and others don’t. Very stressful and hard not to obsess over what feels like a deformity. I’m looking to talk to my derm about subcision but she wants me to wait. I also read online about fat transfers which seems scary. Not sure I want to go the filler route. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi, i received a cortisone shot in a small but persistent cyst on my forehead about a month ago. Within a week the skin started to cave in pretty badly leaving a long dent about the size of half my index finger. Has anyone experienced this? My dermatologist did not warn me about this effect and since doing research I’ve seen that it is uncommon but the forehead is esp vulnerable to these dents. I feel really depressed and worried about the likely chance it will fill in any time soon