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  1. Aus123

    Works great

    Works great

    I have been a member of this site since I was in my early 20's (when I started getting moderate acne). It slowed down through the years but it sometimes picks up and it picked up last summer. I started getting cystic pimples near my chin that took forever to go away. They would never come to a head and I had to just wait it out cause they were not poppable. I read about oil of oregano (I use the oreganol P73). I started taking internally, a few drops under my tongue a day. Then one day I put it
  2. I joined this group over 10 years ago when I was suffering from moderate acne in my early 20's. I took a break from it once my skin cleared for the most part since I didn't ever want to look back. I used Dan's regimen back in the day and that helped me A LOT. I also received smoothbeam treatments which helped with some mild scarring. I get the occasional hormonal breakouts now with a killer cyst on my chin or cheek which typically brings me back to this site (like today). Last week, I flew cros
  3. Actually, I am not sure if those products cured his acne but I can attest to the site herbdoc.com and have been using those products (to cleanse the bowel) for many years now (5 years or so). I have also been a member of this group for probably over 10 years now and suffer from mild to moderate acne. From lots of research on the topic, I do know that cleansing the bowel helps detox your body and clear acne. It has certainly helped me along with the regime.
  4. I agree with Frozenblizz, I had around 6 Sb's. The last one being over a year ago. At first it's very frustrating because it's a gradual process. I would say that my VERY mild scars disappeared within 3 weeks of my FIRST session. And each session after, the scars would fade minimally over time. 2+ years later I am happy I went through with it. My scars were very minimal and just on my cheeks but give it time and it does yield improvement for those with mild indents. I would still go for a touch
  5. Hey, Had a cold sore about a month ago..had never had one before and not only was it unsightly but it left a scar right to the right of my mouth...has anyone here ever scarred from a cold sore?? And if so, what did you use for it in the healing process? would it be the same as an acne scar?
  6. I had my second Smoothbeam on Thursday, done only on my cheeks. On Saturday I notice that I have what appears to look like a bruise of some sort underneath my eye, it's small but I have no idea what caused it. I don't think I hit it or anything. Could this have anything to do with the Smoothbeam even if it didn't go anywhere near my eyes? Has this happened to anyone before?
  7. Finch, I did the V-Beam for red marks about a month ago and noticed a slight fading of the marks...it wasn't until I did Smoothbeam though (around 3 weeks ago) that I noticed an even more drastic improvement. I started noticing around 2 1/2 weeks after the SB so I am assuming Smoothbeam may help as well. Perhaps you should look into the combination as well.
  8. Smoothbeam is definitely pretty amazing. I had my first treatment almost 3 weeks ago, mind you I have very minimal and mild scarring on both cheeks. I have many lingering red marks that were/are taking forever to fade as well as some shallow indents. Well just in the past few days I've noticed a big change. I guess I noticed while applying my make up the other day..normally I have to use my liquid concealer to "fill" in some of the scars and I actually had to search for the marks that I normally
  9. Just wondering if you can you use this stuff along with BP or is it supposed to replace the BP??
  10. Have any of you guys ever had smoothbeam done on an active pimple? Does it help it go away faster or does it worsen the situation?
  11. I had my first SB done two weeks ago tomorrow. My scars are quite minimal and are on both cheeks. My doc did one side on a 12 and the other on a 13. I got one blister on the 12 side and the side she did 13 on was swollen for about a week and that's all. I am fair skinned. Half Irish and half Italian. I'd say more Irish in the face. I noticed a smoother complexion within the first week and can't wait to do more. Hang in there all.
  12. Thanks guys. Yeah I know I should avoid the sun and of course wear sunscreen and for now this isn't a problem as it's cold out but I wonder if I get a session done in Dec sometime, if this is a bad idea because I am going away after Christmas...I wonder how soon after Smoothbeam any of you had been exposed to the sun.
  13. Can someone tell me how long after you get a Smoothbeam treatment you can go in the sun? Thanks!
  14. Well I just joined the Smoothbeam team. Had my first session today. One side was on a level 12 and the other a 13. Pinched a bit but wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Spots look a tiny bit more red and my skin still feels cool and tingly (and tight)...feels nice actually. Will update more in time...
  15. P Kid, It was $250 for my cheeks... not so bad