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  1. Hey....Everything you wrote sounds like it could be me if I had the patience to write it all out like you did...I am also in dire need of professional help. I don't want drugs either, but I believe you have a mild case of depression. But a counselor or psychologist can help. I hear there is something called behavioral therapy where they are able to talk with you about how acne makes you feel and teach you constructive ways to deal with negative thoughts and images of how you see yourself. I beli
  2. Hi fellow acne.org neighbor, People like yourself is why I cannot live or function without this site to make me feel like i am not the only one....I had a very rough week with my skin, a lot worse than usual, and the other night I was thinking how it wouldn't be so bad if I never woke up the next day, or ever again. But then I thought the people that care about me would be devastated..and then i just kept on feeling like shit ..see, i have an obsessive compulsion of needing to have a pocket mir
  3. Hey, I completely understand your confusion. I am also that woman with horrible breakouts before her period which seem to creep up on m out of nowhere when all of a sudden....breakout-hell!! Here is what I found at http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m084...23/ai_107488057 Your cycle starts on the first day of your period--and lasts anywhere from 21-40 days. Ovulation (when an egg is released, awaiting fertilization) occurs on or around day 14 of your cycle. In the first week after your pe
  4. Hye there...I fool/pick with my skin all the time...bad idea! So I found a solution. If you have an antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin or a generic brand..(make sure it has zinc and bacti-something ... in it) that helps almost overnight to prevent infection and close the wound...don't worry that it feels like vaseline, the bacteria-killing stuff in it overpowers the pore-clogging ability you may percieve, trust me I know
  5. I was reading about Acne Dysmorphia and mirror-checking may be a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I can't go anywhere without having a mirror with me (like a small one) and I check my face about 100 times a day. I can't help myself and If i don't have a mirror with me in my bag or something I feel like something weird is happening on my face and I can't see what it is. It just worsens my anxiety about my skin everytime I look in the mirror. Something in my chest tightens up and i feel c
  6. refreshing and uplifting advice! i am encouraged by your view on life...in many ways i agree with you wholeheartedly. i believe that myself having acne has made me a genuine person. And acne has definately made me humble and non-judgmental of people's appearance because I wouldn't want anyone judging mine.
  7. Hey everyone...so I've been using my Ginseng-as-the-main-ingredient regimen which I have posted below in my signature...it is AMAZING! I mean, along with my new no-dairy, no- wheat diet and my no makeup skin care routine....my skin is clearer and smoother than it's been in years...honestly anyone living in Ontario, Canada with moderate-severe acne should try this (www.maryginsenghouse.com-type in 'acne' in the search under 'skin care products'I got my products from a distributor at a mall nearby
  8. Hi everyone....I'm just curious to see what everyone out there consumes daily to ward off acne ...Here is a good-to-know fact: Right now I'm eating fresh baby carrots...did you know 3/4 of a cup of carrots contains a whopping 270% Vitamin A.....the same vitamin that they use in Accutane is in good old carrots (without dip, of course!) Amazing for your skin! So i feel good eating them, knowing it will help my skin...
  9. Like everybody on here i've heard it all....from little kids saying "What's all those stuff on your face?" and "You have chicken pox!" to women, mostly cosmetic sales people and pharmacy beauty specialist telling me to try all these things ('Vichy Normaderm' this, and 'Neostrata' that and CoverFx to cover "those dark scars and hyperpigmentation"...it's enough to make me almost want to curse them with acne myself..and I'm a nice person!) I mean unsolicited advice gets to me probably the worst...a
  10. That's a really tragic story. However, people who think about suicide usually are very self-involved and their issues (along with the constant demon named acne) seem bigger than the world. They don't think anyone understands them....so I think this story may deter some people, but others....it's all up to them in that moment..as well as thinking about those people they love and those who care about them..and God, and what he thinks about suicide may also help them to not go through with it...th
  11. Hi everyone. Yesterday my sister brought home a Ginseng acne treatment kit that includes -Ginseng cleansing milk Ingredients: Ginseng essential oil, Lanette wax, Grape Seed oil, Rosewater, Grapefruit Seed extract, essential oils of Geranium, Lavender, Rosemary. -Ginseng rejuvinating toner Ingredients: Distilled water, ginseng essential oil, witch hazel, essential oils of geranium, lavender, and rosemary. -Ginseng Facial Scrub Cream (2 times a week) Ingredients: Made from 100% top-quality
  12. Hi everyone, I've been going a few days now ( 5 or so) without makeup (no foundation or powder) this is a huge step for me as I have been wearing makeup for 3 years now trying to cover my acne but usually it just makes the bumps more noticeable and I think my skin was more irritated as a result. Anyway, I have a pimple forming at the tip of my nose, I can feel it and the spot looks red and when I touch it, it hurts. Any suggestions on how to get it gone before it forms a head? That would be gros
  13. I have a boyfriend who is handsome and fun as well as very good to me. I have known him for two years and we've been dating for almost 11 months now. I am deeply in love with this man and we plan to get married in a few years. He makes me feel beautiful and sexy even though I have acne and scars (i'm not unattractive and I have nice features, acne makes me feel ugly most of the time) So in a sense he is healing me as my skin heals. I don't wear face powder anymore because I found that no matter
  14. I know how you feel, my prescription ran out and then i just went back to plain BP 5% because it costs $30 every time to go to the acne clinic. I get frustrated often too and my family trivializes it too like "it's not as bad as you think it is' or "it's not such a big deal." Only mom really understands how shitty acne makes me feel, because i inherited it from her. she makes me kinda feel better knowing she had it worse at my age. Anyway the point is, this website is where you can come (like m