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  1. sorry, but it's going to come back. I thought the same thing when my skin had been clear for a while on dan's. Not long after stopping the BP, the acne came back and then I had to start over again.
  2. I think it would be best to take a day or two off from using BP. This is what I've done when my skin got too dry or flakey. I'd just wash and put on moisturizer until things got back to normal. You might also want to cut down on the amount of BP you are using. I personally don't need as much BP as Dan recommends. I just use a thin layer and that works.
  3. yeah, i generally stay away from the oil free/spf moisturizers. they generally burn my skin and leave it real shiny.
  4. Maybe you started out using too much BP. If you're face is way too dry and flaky, take a couple days off and start up slowly. You're skin has to build up to the amount of BP you're using. Personally, I've found that I don't need as much BP as Dan recommends. I use a fairly thin layer and I get better results. I wouldn't do any exfoliating or you'll end up getting never-ending flakes. Just be as gentle as you possibly can. I know it's frustrating and you want to load up on the bp and scrub
  5. I use witch hazel every night after washing my face. I use the Dickenson's brand and it smells awful, but it's really the only thing that keeps me clear. I've given up on all the BP, AHA, SA and all that other stuff. I just squirt it on a cotton pad and wipe my face and go to sleep. It's really quite easy.
  6. The pink soap you used was called Fresh Farmacy. I've it before and it was too drying, along with the black coal soap. I also used the Mask of Magnaminty and well... let's just say I've never been more allergic to anything that bad before. I broke out in itchy pimply patches all over. I wanted to wear a bag on my head when going to class. Nothing else really worked for my skin, except for the moisturizer called Celestial, which most people on these boards would look at the ingredients and
  7. You can't 'debleach'. All you can do is buy some hair dye. I'm sure it's not that noticable though.
  8. It's not your moisturizer, it's the BP. I think Dan mentions something about this on one of his info pages. Basically, all you can do is blot with a tissue, or toilet paper. Or you can switch to his BP gel which is pretty good stuff. It's clear so you won't notice it if you sweat.
  9. Just wondering who uses it day and night or just in the daytime, like it says on the package. I'm sure this has been answered countless times, but I just don't know. Should I a regular moisturizer at night?
  10. CVS is your best bet or Price Wise Discount if you have one in the area (cheaper). Ehh..we don't have a Walmart in the city.
  11. I'm still suffering from breakouts due to a trial period of BC. I took Yasmin and by the second week, my face was a mess. It was making me so upset that I quit after 2 weeks and I'm still breaking out. The sad thing is that I was totally clear when i started taking them. This is the second time this has happened. I started taking Orthotricylen (sp?) about 4 years ago and the same thing happened and i stuck with the pills for a few months. I just kept getting worse and worse. Since you've
  12. ak, so I continued to use this even though it was irritating my skin and I ended up with a red burn on my face where I apply the bp which is basically just around my mouth. I went away for the weekend and looked like a freak. I couldn't even use my regular concealer because it was flakey as well. I ended up paying a bunch of money for some good powder and applied thick moisturizer often. It sucked! Anyway, if you feel any bit of irritation, stop using it immediately and maybe try again when
  13. yes, you should use a sunblock, especially since the regimin makes your skin more sensitive. Sun can make your red spots scar as well, and that's no good! You can either use a moisturizer with spf or use a light moisturizer and then apply a good sunblock (don't worry, it won't break you out if your wondering).
  14. Getting the whiteheads instead of big pimples is good. The whiteheads also go away much faster. But, don't pop them or pick them! Whenever I do, it always leads to more and you'll be sorry. Just deal with them because they go away in a day or two and soon you won't have to bother with them at all as your skin heals. Hey Goulash..I have those clogged pores in the same spot as you. They are ususally more noticable on me when my skin is irritated, so be as gentle as possible. And honestly,
  15. I mainly used the washcloth when I wasn't on Dan's reg. I wouldn't use it on the places where you apply BP. I can use a washcloth on my nose though since I never apply BP there. I think it would too irriating. I recently started using the Eucerin Renewal for daily exfoliation because my skin has a tendency to flake really easily. I think AHA is your best bet.
  16. I have the Alpha Hydrox 10% oil-free gel (was the only I could find in my area) and it was about $9. But It'll last you a really long time, especially if you're only using it for spot treatment. You really only need to apply a tiny bit and your all set.
  17. Don't even bother with sulfur. It's worthless. Why not use AHA like Dan suggests?
  18. I would personally never use face moisturizer on my eyelids or too close to my eyes. Most companies will tell you not to use it near the eyes. There are so many eye creams out there so why not get one of those, they are apparently more moisturizing anyway. I use Aquaphor near my eyes at night and use Kiehl's eye stick with spf 30 in the day.
  19. yeah, a washcloth is the best exfoliation without irritation. you could also use a chemical exfoliant like AHA. I wouldn't use of those gritty scrubs, they rip your skin apart.
  20. The only C&C product I like is the oil absorbing sheets. They are pretty great.