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    You have my interest.
  1. the chat was deleted on monday ;_;

    there's a thread about it in the announcements and feedback forum, took us all by surprise

  2. marisa? ma-ma-marisa?!


    What happened to the org? It looks so different. Where's the chat?

  3. OMG girl!!

    i havent talked to you in forever!! we need to catch up!!! lol =)

  4. hmmmm? uhmmm...

  5. !!!!!!!!

    I've missed you!

  6. PURPLE?! How'd it turn out? That's soo cool. I wish I could do something like that. Not brave enough :( lol Do you have pictures?

  7. Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    Derp derpy derp,

    Derpity doo.

  8. happy new years lindsay! :)

  9. yep the one and only lingler lol.. father i miss uu, i died my hair today .. my ends & fringe are purple :)!

    how are u these days??

  10. Blakerbee

    I miss thee

    You can't spell Blakey

    with out a B

    Oh dear me

  11. Ruairi! What's up? How is uni life?