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  1. well, i'm back. i've been gone for so long.... after getting adjusted to birth control, my skin really cleared up. i didn't have to do anything, and i had wonderfully smooth, acne free skin. well, my fiance and i broke up in may..... lots of crying, stress, loss of appetite, obviously i wasn't taking care of myself, and the hormonal, emotional effects of birth control were more than i could take. i quit, and my face did okay for awhile, and funny thing, once i started being okay with being
  2. thanks guys. yeah, i'm way too social to be doing this, and i know it's making me miss out on things i really enjoy and want to do. just venting and having people understand makes me feel better.
  3. wow..... i never thought i'd ever stop living my life because of my acne. i've had acne for years, have been around here for years, only had perfect skin while on birth control. (although the other side effects weren't worth it.) i quit birth control a few months ago, and now my skin's blown up. i haven't had acne this bad in over 3 years. i've started canceling my plans with people, dates, etc., because i feel so awful about myself. i know i need to just get over myself and continue li
  4. oh reid, i'm so sorry you're feeling this way! you really shouldn't. i still feel that way at times too.... i had moderate acne and thought it was super bad. now that it's cleared up, i find i get a lot more attention, and people compliment me more on my looks now. it's a hard mental thing to get over when you think to yourself, "you should have seen me a year ago." i know it's hard, but try to just take it for what it is---a compliment. someone is trying to make you feel good about yours
  5. sure! there are plenty of people that use the cleanser all over the body, or for the hair too. the moisturizer should also be good for the entire body, and jojoba oil, as you know, has all sorts of uses. of course, the bp should only be used on acne prone areas.
  6. you can try using powder, or start with an eye primer like urban decay primer potion or benefit f.y.eye.
  7. i was referring to your animosity toward cetaphil and blanketing that it will cause everyone to break out, is a horrible product, and the company should be put out of business.
  8. i love cetaphil cleanser. i'm sorry it didn't work for you, but then again, everyone's different and what works for one may not work for another. please don't make generalize statements like this though, it doesn't help. edit: oh, and one more thing. as far as bp application goes, the reason you put it all over your face is as a preventative measure. if you have a tendency to just breakout in one area, then i would use the bp just in that area. if you're like me at all and can get zits
  9. things seem to be going okay. i think a lot of the breakout i was having was hormonally driven. when i stopped using bc, my skin did some weird things. it's calmed down for the most part now. i keep freaking out over a couple little bumps, so i think i'm just going to coast for the time being and try not to think about it.
  10. oh my gosh, i went through the exact same thing! i knew i had to change something, but i was terrified that if i cut down bp that i would end up breaking out. i went through several different phases to get to where i am now, and i must have started and stopped the regimen 3 or 4 times. it's not just about finding out what the right amount of bp to use is, it's also making sure you're using the right cleanser and moisturizer too. most cleansers tend to dry me out, even dan's. (at least t
  11. i also like mac's studio fix fluid foundation. it covers really well and doesn't break me out. it's a little heavy, so make sure you use a good make-up remover after.
  12. i feel your pain.... finding the right moisturizer, and the right amount of moisturizer to use can be difficult. i posted in another thread you made, but besides the whole moisturizer thing, if you're into your 8th week of the regimen and still having flaking issues, your skin sounds like it's not acclimated to the bp yet. maybe try cutting down a bit and see if your flaking subsides. i went through the same thing. after several months of doing the regimen, i found my skin just couldn't tol
  13. someone else said, and i agree with.... if you still have active acne on your face, using a manual exfoliator might not be the best option. you said you're in your 7th week of the regimen. has your face just not gotten used to bp yet? maybe you should try decreasing the amount you put on your face for a bit and then building back up. your face just might not be able to tolerate the amount of bp you're using.
  14. i used select spf 15 with no problems but found the coverage and color to not be what i wanted. have you tried not using it for a couple days to see what happens? years ago when i first starting using mac, i remember quitting because of the claims that it was bad for acne-prone skin. well, my skin didn't change any as a result. mac products in general can be difficult to remove, and i think that's why people tend to have problems with them. if you have a good make-up remover, it shouldn't b
  15. good luck! i've never been on diane, but i know for me, when i started bc, it took awhile for my skin to adjust. for the first few months, i would get major honkers right before my period. your change in skin could be because of bc, so i would just wait it out. if you're really seeing mood swings, monitor those. your body is adjusting to the hormones, but if you don't get better, that's definitely something you want to talk to your doctor about.