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  1. So you don't wash your face with anything but water afterwards? I read that you should cool off at room temp before washing off...
  2. So I heard going to a Steam Room a couple times a week can help clear up acne. Whats your opinion on this? And what advice do you have when exiting a steam room (cold shower, wash face) etc. I'm currently using a ProActive Regime and i started breaking out recently after 3 visits to the steam room...
  3. Yeah i don't think I'm going to try it. But I'm trying to decide if Klear Action works just as good as Pro active.
  4. According to Clean and Clear Advantage, It works better. 90% of people saw improvements in just 1 day and heals faster than proactive. I know you guys probably hate this question, but I'm so fed up with my adult acne. It WON'T go away. I use nothing but oil-free non comodegenic products. The best rated products on this site. I've gone on accutane and that cleared me up but once i was off, it all came back. My acne isn't severe, but i just keep waking up with a new whitehead or bump.
  5. well is your acne as bad as mine when you went?
  6. Hello everyone, I haven't been back here in a while. But now i come back to ask a question. I've been thinking about trying Proactive again. I tried it a few years ago when my acne was severe and it didn't help. But now my acne is a lot less severe. I saw on their commercial they have some new lotion that helps with scarring in their regime. I'm wondering what i should do since i suffer from occasional breakouts, scars, and redness. My current non comedogenic regime is: Morning: Eucerin Red
  7. Here is an updated picture guys! please mind the shake face I only have 1 little bump and the rest are just red marks/ scars! I'm Only using Olay complete spf 15. how can i make these marks and scars go away?!
  8. thanks, thats comforting to know. so far i just have 3 little bumps and alot of redmarks. i have 2 indents forming though any suggestions?
  9. i haven't had one new pimple since i got off accutane...hmmm
  10. i'm still using the cetaphill cream and the oil of olay spf15. and no i'm not using aloe vera. but start moisturizing before you start tane, especially your lips.