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  1. Hi. I'm currently using Dan's bp gel(it's very good btw), but I'm still getting a lot of acne. I live in Europe so I can't buy the particular soap bar, and moisturizer that's recommended so i just use a moisturizer thats for very dry skin. I think this may be my problem. the soap I use is dove soap. Are there any good mositurizers, and soaps for those of us who can't buy the ones recommended? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I've bee using the regimen for about a year, but it hasn't been working for me very well. I'm trying to get to the root of the problem, and I notice looking at the regimen instructions that you're supposed to wait 5-15 mins before applying moisturizer, while I usually just apply it straight after putting the bp on. Does it make a difference?
  3. Ok, thanks for the reply. I'll just role with it I guess.
  4. Hi, I just ordered a couple of tubes of Dan's bp today. I've always used 5% before since there's no 2.5% where I live. I've been using 5% for the last year, and even now I still get red skin if I do it in both the morning and night, so for the last few months I just do it at night and mositurise before and after applying bp. My question is, changing to 2.5%, will i be able to use Dan's bp moisturising just once, and also in the morning without red, or flaking skin. Also, is 2.5% as effective as
  5. I live in Europe. Is there any place on line that delivers? I got the blackhead stuff, but not the BP product.
  6. Update How do you mean compress it with a spoon?
  7. Ive been on the regimen for about 8months now, ive changed it in like the last 3months, only use the bp at night with mositurizer twice, its too harsh twice a day, following the regimen exactly. Anyway, im delighted that my forhead and nose acne have practically gone, i get odd spots but i never break out like i used to. Problem is my chin is still pretty bad, upper lip can be bad too. Ive tried increasin the bp slightly, dosent seem to do much.
  8. I would advice against taking it, even though it might work for some. I took it for a month or two, stopped after seeing no results. That was fine but its after causing sclap, arm, stomach, ass, even some leg acne. Theres alot of posts about it..
  9. Wow, thanks for that help, really useful....prats
  10. Ive been using panoxyl 5% for the last 4 months or so to some effect but ive been hearing good things about oxy on the spot. Firstly, i live in Ireland, theres no oxy on the spot or even panoxyl 2.5%. Due to flaking ive had to just use the regimen at night. was thinking about getting some oxy on the spot over the net, could anyone tell me where is good at an affordable price? Also, i would like to continue to ony use it at night, would it be more effective to buy 5% to use only at night time or
  11. Since my back and chest in particular have cleared really well(were really, really severe) i thought id stop using the regimen, ive been off for a week and can only say ive had one new spot, which i got today. I was getting about 2 a day before this and have some very awful redmarks but anywa. Can i ask, since ive stopped using the regimen, if i go back now will i suffer flaking etc.., how long before your skin does not accept bp anymore??
  12. I remember a thread about a cream that works for redmarks, ive been searchin for ages trying to find it but i cant, unless i was dreaming. I know that its some kind of vitamin stuff from neutrogena, anyone tried it have a link and did it work??Thanks/..
  13. Ive noticed for like the past 6 months my back and chest which were littered with acne have now almost completely healed but my face is actually getting worse, is this a sign that my acne is gnna get better on my face or is irt simply my back and chest, anyone had this before??
  14. I was about to post the same thing but mine are definetley spots. Where i using the regimen im clear but now im starting to break out on my cheeks, the underside of my nose, inside ears, scalp, all weird places..