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  1. thanks! i haven't been able to find any reviews yet but i'll keep looking.
  2. has anyone tried this product? it sounds really good and worth trying, but i wanted to see if anyone had good results before shelling out $50. http://www.product-girl.com/archives/new-k...tone-corrector/ http://www.kiehls.com/_us/_en/face/highly-...e-corrector.htm
  3. my mom and i are going to the spa next week for facials because i've been begging for a facial peel forever. i have redmarks almost all over my cheeks and some very minor acne. my skin isn't sensitive as i have been using products with AHA for years. the spa offers these facials: Facial peel We offer corrective peels for all your skin care needs – skin rejuvenation, lines and firming, acne, pigmentation balancing and rosacea. Lactic peel This gentle lactic acid peel soothes and calms skin,
  4. i went to both cvs and walgreens and couldn't find any aqua glycolic products. i went on the website and it says "Aqua Glycolic® products are available at your local pharmacy behind the pharmacy counter." does this mean i have to ask a pharmacist for the products? or should i just try going to walmart and seeing if they have it on their shelves?
  5. welcome to the boards! i used coverfx when i had active acne and redmarks while on accutane. it covered them all very easily and i never broke out because of it. the only drawback i found was that it is so thick and heavy that it's more noticable than other makeups. if you have a lot of acne and dark redmarks, it's a good choice though with all the coverage.
  6. i wasn't sure where to post this. i hope it's okay here! i'm sure i'm not the only person on here who has redness on the back of their upper arms. it doesn't usually bother me, but with summer right around the corner, i'm becoming selfconsious about it. there's some acne-like bumps too, but they are really small. does anyone have any tips to get rid of it?
  7. what does SA stand for? i thought it'd be for salicylic acid, but all i have are redmarks & no exsisting acne and i thought salicylic acid was bad for redmarks.
  8. i've used the eucerin redness relief line. i LOVE their night creme. i have redmarks, not redness, so i can't really say if they'd work for redness. they are wonderful products though.
  9. i've been using 5% glycolic acid cream and i'm thinking about upping it to the 10%. here's what i've tried and the results: neutrogena acne fading mark peel - worked a little, but very temporary asprin mask - made my skin redder 2% hydroquinone gel - some results 12% AHA souffle - made my skin redder 5% glycolic acid cream - most results so far time - it's been over a year and a half any suggestions? i'm think debating between aloe vera and the 10% glycolic acid cream. this is the best my skin
  10. http://www.rareminerals.com/ anyone had any good results with it? i read reviews on makeupalley and they all sounded pretty good. they didn't say anything about red marks though.
  11. it worked great! thanks soo much guys!!
  12. i decided to try colorstay because coverfx makes my pores look pretty big. i'll tell you guys how it works out!
  13. i'm really self consious about my skin i don't have acne anymore, just the redmarks. i'd love to go without makeup, but it just isn't going to happen. thanks for the help guys! i looked it up and coverfx is silicone based. i should test it out.
  14. i have to start swimming in gym soon anyone know any good waterproof foundations? i've heard coverfx is waterproof, but i never tested it.
  15. ooh that sounds good! i searched and i don't think it's available in the US yet