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  1. Well, I'm glad there's some info here for the people who're considering having it done. The benefits outweight the risks as far as I'm concerned. I've been told before to "just wait until a permanent filler is available". Of course there's going to be a risk though, that's why this is 'permanent'. I had one round of injections about a three weeks ago, and I can tell a slight difference. I would like to say that I have two different spots, where he injected, that I can still feel. Don't know if h
  2. Yeah, me and Drewboy are both talking about Dr. Alkek in Dallas. http://www.alkek.com/# There's a link to his site.
  3. i've seen this picture before, but are the effects of silicone accurate as to yield this kind of result? those of you who've done the procedure, would you say you've achieved these kinds of results? Well, my Dr. supposedly had silicone treatments in 1980 and you can't even tell that he had scars. He said that they were worse than mine (I consider my scarring to be moderate, but I have a few, deep rolling scars).
  4. http://www.topdocs.com/display_procedure.p...iconeinjections
  5. Yeah, they're starting to become smaller. Had me worried for a minute. Thanks for your quick reply.
  6. I have a question for you and anyone else who's had the injections done by Dr. Alkek. I had my first round of injections yesterday evening and I have two areas were he injected that feel like bumps. These are the only two spots where he injected that feel this way, so I'm wondering if he may have injected the filler in too shallow? I know he performs this procedure all the time, so I'm hoping this is normal.
  7. What was wrong with your injections? They didn't work or they were done poorly?
  8. lol...... I'll wait for someone else to prove this theory.
  9. Yeah, picking will put you at a greater risk for infection, but you may get a scar anyways. Everyone's different.
  10. Dan, I know it's hard to gauge, but how much of an improvement have you gotten from the injections (%)? I have an appointment with Dr. Alkek in a week and a half, so I'm curious.
  11. They don't look very deep at all. They'll probably fade and look a lot less noticeable with time.
  12. Congrats! I hope you get the results that you're hoping for.
  13. Ok, so I called Dr. Alkek's office today and made an appointment. I was told that the initial consultation was $95 and if he decides to do the injections, then they would cost $500 per treatment. I have a ways to drive, so hopefully all goes well.
  14. Those scars look like some of mine. I'm close to Dallas, so I would be willing to have this procedure performed as long as it's safe. What price were you quoted, Tricia?
  15. Seems like it would work on shallow, rolling-scars. I was given some samples a year or so ago and I'm just now using them. I've used it two consecutive nights and my skin's never been this dry. I'm peeling like crazy.
  16. ^ It's funny, we can clone animals, re-attach severed fingers, and even perform whole face transplants, but we still can't eliminate acne scars. :(
  17. tp85


    There are plenty of people on this board who've tried it. Perform a search and good luck.
  18. Ylem must be confused. Subcision is supposed to be permanent and most types of fillers are not permanent. I've had subcision done on some of my deeper rolling scars and I saw little to no results. I think the person who performed it wasn't very skilled though and many others have reported good results. So, go for it!
  19. Interesting... I've never heard of this, but it seems promising. I wonder how many more patients he's treated now and how the results look?
  20. Only one I can comment on is subcision. And I think you're supposed to wait around three months or so before you can have another treatment.