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  1. hey everyone!! ive been off tane for 2 months now and i went for a checkup at the derm yesterday! everything is PERFECT.. just an update, i dont wear makeup anymore, well no foundation or anything. Sometimes ill wear light powder, but thats if im going out or something. my skin is doing very well..I sometimes get a little oily, but NOTHING like before. AND NO PIMPLES!! Thanks accutane
  2. ok sooooooooo ive been off for like 5 or 6 weeks. My skin hasnt gotten oily to the extreme yet! Instead its got a natural, beautiful glow! its amazing! Scaring and redmarks are pretty much gone. i dont wear makeup anymore. lifes soooooo much better without acne!
  3. hey thanks so much. ive been off accutane 2 weeks, or maybe 3. i dont remember lol. My friends and parents have noticed a major change in my attitude, which is a grreeaatt thing! My skin is perfect. Im actually more clear now then when i was taking the pills. I still have chapped lips but its probly becuase i havent been drinking a lot of water. Anyways, i feel like a new person. These pills have really changedmy life.
  4. im starting to feel oily again. its been a week off all medicines
  5. wow accutane has changed my life. no other medicine can compare
  6. day -2 of accutane, and i was suprised with 2 new pimples. shittttttttt when is this going to end
  7. hey everyone. im done! i just swallowed my last pill. I am so happy to be off, yet nervous that my acne will return. i will let everyone know when the oil returns.
  8. [attachmentid=3869][attachmentid=3870] day 149. heres my skin with no makeup
  9. with only 3 more pills to take, i got a new pimple and a new cist. oh well i love my skin!
  10. ewwww i hated retina. it burned my face. anyways, it took four months for me to see any results on accutane. i have 3 pills left. It works great but its a harsh ride
  11. hii. thanks betty. ill get some pics up here. being optimistic, my skin is at its best. Accutane has worked for the most part. Although i was on a lose dose, 40mg once a day for 5 months, it has cleared me. My skin is soft and smooth, and im sure it will get better in the upcoming months as my red marks fade. I have no scars or indentations, just redness. I guess im lucky i was able to go on tane becuase my skin is better then before i had acne, when i had the occasional pimple here and t
  12. hey thanks for all the support. i have 11 more pillls to take, and im done for good, despite the results. I really cant see much changing in 11 days. oh well. ill see the dermo again in 3 months and ask about topicals
  13. i dont know that dayit is, i dont care. i wish i had perfect skin, but i dont. and i never will.