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  1. Yeah, I'm skeptical about it topically. I think BP would be better. I think Green tea is good for internal cleansing and nutrition.
  2. I've heard taking probiotics can help. There are many brands out there and from searching around the internet it seems like Primal Defense by Garden of life (just google it to find where to purchase) is a good one. Also I've heard white rice is no good for candida as it quickly breaks down to sugar, but brown rice is ok. I'm not sure if potatoes are good for candida either.
  3. When I consistently drink cups of Green tea, about three per day, my acne gets considerably better. There is something in Green tea called polyphenols, which are good at building the immune system--Green tea also contains exceptional nutrients like zinc and vitamin C. Not only can you drink green tea internally, you can apply green tea topically, and just recently an asian scientist suggested that the results produced topically are equal to BP, without all the harsh side effects. Personally, I
  4. Was that one of your drawings? If so, it was really good. I agree that hobbies can help a lot. I do too, and thank you for welcoming me . I think just de-stressing out in general. And yes, sex and music always helps me ( and frequent sushi meals, yum). It also helps having supportive people around you--my hubby is pretty good about my acne prob. At first he didn't realize what I had been going through when we first met, because the acne breakout fluctuated, then gradually, when he s
  5. Why would you say that? Yes, the simple thought of a hobby might seem generic--and " duh-like"-- but I was trying to suggest that obsessing over something will make the problem worse, not better. Find ways of taking your mind off of it. I only posted my experience to help someone...ya know what I mean. You are right though, I guess it seems a bit generic, but everytime I think of something else, and put my efforts elsewhere, my problems seem insignificant compared to others. And I can focus on t
  6. I don't know I think this is one of the best websites to go to--I know that I told a few co-workers about it and now they are following Dan's regimen. They have also gotten off my tail about my acne problems, I think it is because they wanted to know why I was clearing up so fast. My mom is very critical about my acne, and always has been. I told her recently to shove it. It is like constantly nagging--and annoying. I told her how much she was hurting my feelings and she has kind of knocked it o
  7. Hello, I just took up a hobby after suffering with the effects of horrible acne a few months back, I had surgery on an ovarian tumor ( thankfully benign). The doctor told me that all of my acne troubles were linked to that. Since then, my skin is gradually healing, but the effects are overwhelming psychologically. I have problems telling others because they don't understand--"you are beautiful anyway", " have you tried the dermo?" (no duh!) . I am using Dan's regimen and it is working won