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  1. SO is there any way of knowing if the pimples that form in 2-3 weeks would have been from the moisturizer OR just regular pimples that woulda formed anyway?
  2. ...to know if a moisturizer will be comedogenic for you? Once you apply it, how long does it take for it to clog your pores and begin to form pimples?
  3. Anyone have any experience using Curel's Fragrance Free Lotion for Sensitive Skin on the face/neck? It claims to be non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. I have read over 20 reviews on the internet and all people claim it has no broken them out at all or causes problems... This could be a very ecomonical way of using a moisturizer...at only about $7 a bottle, you get over 400 mls.
  4. I've been reading and researching numerous body lotions and have discovered there are lots of cheaper, body lotions that have wonderful non-comedogenic ingredients. Just wanted some thoughts on using body lotions on the face and neck. This one in particular looks great and has good ingredients: http://www.drugstore.com/qxp140189_333181_...on_dry_skin.htm Here's the ingredients if the link doesn't work: Dove Nourishing Moisture Beauty Body Lotion, Dry Skin 8.5 fl oz Ingredients: -------
  5. Can anyone answer this? If you look at Comedogenic charts that list products and rate them based on their comedogenicy, you will notice "Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride" and "Myristyl Myristate" are both listed as "VERY HIGHLY COMEDOGENIC" on several lists. These SAME ingredients are found in products by Eucerin, Complex 15, etc. Even the Eucerin Face Lotion with Urea 5% that I, and MANY people find to be the best moisturizer out there, has the #3 ingredient as "Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride" a
  6. Hello, Unfortunately I would not trust that list 100%. Myristyl Myristate is listed as a 5 for comodogency (worst as can be) and 2 for an irritant. This ingredient is found in Complex 15 Lotion, and I have NEVER broken out from Complex 15 nor has it irritated my skin.
  7. I have a quick question. I voted for 2 of the 3 acne.org (DKR) products on the product reviews, and gave 1 of them a sub par review as I am not 100% satisfied with it. It does not show up on the voting. Only the one I voted positively for does. Why does it not allow you to see DKR reviews and votes that are not positive, yet it does for ALL other products?
  8. Hi, I've been using Eucerin 5% Urea Face Cream and it's the best moisturizer I've ever used on the DKR. I found Eucerin has the same line of product for the foot...it's the same price, but 2 times the size of the Face Cream (50ml vs 100ml). The foot cream is 10% urea and the face is 5% but that would only mean more moisture. Look at the list of ingredients, can you tell me if any of the listed ingredients seem irritatble or COMEDOGENIC? Thanks: http://www.eucerin.co.uk/uk_range/Dry/foot_cre
  9. The difference is that the more you rub it in, the more it will penetrate your pores and kill acne bacteria. If you just leave it on the surface it will not absorb as well and only kill superficial and some surface bacteria. You want it to go deep and kill acnes that are forming.
  10. I have used it and it gives a decent colour...it blends in well to, leaving no real streaks or anything. It never clogged my pores. If the 2 "bad ingredients" are not in the top 5-6 ingrdients, then chances are they do not play a significant role in the pore clogging capability.
  11. Even though they are both good, you always want cream specifically designed for the face.
  12. Well...I tried it.......step by step on 2 zits, and it's really nothing. It doesn't make anything worse, but doesn't seem to be much help either.
  13. SPF products always seem to cause a problem with people's skin...nothing you can do about it...for best sunscreen results stick to sunblockers such as dimenthicone or micronized zinc oxide.