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  1. Ive been tryin to get rid of this cystic acne on my face and back for 6 years... ive used every Rx but accutane as i do not want to go on it. If anyone has used a product that has worked please let me know. I found the Bruunhause and a bunch others on this site.. http://pricesexposed.org/ Thanks
  2. I have a sore throat 24-7 taking this shit and a messed up stomach. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced these or should i stop. Ive taken everything except accutane and now i dont want to try that cuz of the possible sides... acne forever! yes...
  3. i do the lotion in the day and the taz at night. im starting to peel everywhere now and the skin is more sensitive, is this normal?
  4. on it now for less than a month. nothing yet.
  5. I shave with an extra sensitive gel but never put on an aftershave.... what do yall use that wont clog pores. thanks.
  6. My skin around my mouth is flaking off. Should i use sunscreen/lotion (cetaphil daily face lotion) after i put it on or the times i dont have it on? Oh and do yall use the gel or cream? I have the Gel and it feels like my face is being ripped off everytime i use it. thanks
  7. Just wondering how long you were on it. I hear some ppl tell me 4-6 weeks others say months. Is it possible to only stay on it for a month? Oh and does accutane take care of oily skin?
  8. Yea it was the first night i had gone out in a while, finished all my tests in classes and made a stupid choice. Cant get in trouble (again) so i want to make sure. You sure that the blood tests cant pick up something else or do the have to actually do a different test to pick it up like you said? Thanks for the help man. Oh yea so they dont do it intially only during your course of medicine? thatd be perfect
  9. Differin/Retin A Micro/benzamycin/Minocin/Erithromycin... all did nothing for me, but hey for some it works
  10. I hope the regular doc (GP) can prescribe Accutane. Im going tomorrow, if he cant someone let me know, so i dont waste $$$.
  11. Im going to the doctor tom. to try and get accutane. I was wondering if its mandatory to get a blood test at the start of accutane. Anyone know what types of test they do?? Im a lil worried if it tests for certain things [-X
  12. youre all absolutely right, i should have taken it long ago. Now im constantly being asked what those marks on my face are from. Thanks for the replies, I think ill make a docs apptnment
  13. Im a 21 yr old male and I now only have about 1 big pimple every week or so that scars on both my back and face. I am already scarred to the point where I wish I had taken it before but now i got one huge on on the side of my nose and I have a presentation tomorrow in class. It seems like once the one huge pimple finally clears and scars then a nother one pops up. The only reason i dont have as much acne now is b/c i use face wash and 10% BP, i bet if i stop using it, i will start having more
  14. cool thanx. Only reason i ask is b/c my co pay for the GP is cheaper than my derm, + i need a referall fro a derm, im poor college student. My GP did give me acne meds before. Ill call and see if they can give me a derm referall.
  15. I had a terrible rash when i was on Minocycline (sp?) so i stopped using it. I was wondering if anyone experienced or is experiencing a bad rash while on accutane. It was unbearable on Mino, just dont want to deal with it again if i dont have to. Thanks