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  1. Best moisturizer I've tried!

    Seriously, and I've tried almost all of them. This is the best everyday morning and night moisturizer. Doesn't leave skin oily, dry, or sensitive. My face loves this one for some reason....any time I run out and have to use something stock piled my face either gets red, too dry, too oily, or weird and tingly. Also NO SPF! YAYYY :D :D :D
  2. Aha, and youd think my derm would tell me something like this! :doh: Thanks alot guys. Im going to wait it out and see what happens :boohoo:
  3. Ok i started accutane in september of last year. I did a course of 40mg 1 day and 60 the next. The whole journey through accutane has been peachey and perfect. Ok so now, my derm prescribed me differin (he was going to prescribe me Tazorac first, but i about pulled my gun out!! That stuff screwed up my face and made me look like a shrivveled up dryed tomatoe ). So i waited a week after accutane. My skin started to lose the minor redness it had (im assuming its from accutane) and everythi
  4. yep, accutane has seriously knocked my daily eating routine out of whack. lol i used to come home around 2:30 pm and eat lunch then. Now i come home and im not hungry at all. So i wont eat until 5 or 6. Its kinda weird but im not complaining
  5. Just use lotion. I got red/dry patches on the back of my hands and i just started using lotion every couple of hours and it never came back
  6. Olay Sensitive Moisture Therapy lotion Click Here No fragrance at all! Very little shine. No dryness at all (even as im on accutane).
  7. My derm said i would be very foolish if i were to get accutane as opposed to claravis or amnesteem.
  8. If it has a fragrance in it that means it has more chemicals. Whether it will make you break out more frequently or not is questionable. Personally, i use a moisturizer with no fragrance and no SPF (chemicals that make spf irritate my skin quite a bit)
  9. Rose water is great. It cleanses your face like no other! You can actually see all the dirt that comes off! I buy it from a middle eastern store. costs only 1.99 for 10 oz.
  10. Omg i love kinder chocolate!! Too bad noone arround here sells it
  11. My cholesterol shot way up in the first month. My derm said its fairly normal. The second month, my cholesterol went way back down to normal.
  12. The olay one in my sig is great. Very small amount of chemicals, no smell (besides the natural smell of ingredients), and no shine (atleast for me).
  13. Whatever you get, dont even think about getting anything from neutrogena's Visibly Even line! The moisturizer is 90% water and 10% perfume (atleast it seems like it :S ). and id reccomend pretty much any moisturizer from olay. I had one that was specifically for sensitive skin. Forgot its name but it was a good sized bottle for a great price. Very mild and great moisturizing!
  14. Without insurance i would haveto pay $175
  15. Moisturize! Same thing happened to me. IT should be gone in 2 or three days with constant moistuizing.
  16. I just went to walmart yesterday. They only had 10 pills. She told me she could order some and theyll be in today. Its really simple. Just ask them to order it for you (but they should have asked if they can order it for you first. )
  17. Youve gotta moisturize daily, and do your whole face as you dont want to moisturize one spot, then let the others dry. Keep applying chapstick and take it with u everywhere u go. oh and if your a guy, dont let ur facial hair get too long because that will make you flake like crazy (atleast that happens to me). Good luck
  18. I got my test results back and my cholesterol rose. The bad cholesterol rose up and he good came down. It was only about 20 points higher.My derm said that its normal, and they will only be worried if it doubles or something like that. Im guessing my cholesterol is higher because this month has been very hectic, and ive been going to eat at fast food restaurants alot lately (im sure i spent 100+ $ on that only). Im getting back to normal and eating real food with real meat
  19. Wow, my insurance told me it would only cost me $15o had i not had any insurance (for 60 tabs of 20mg each). Right now im paying 45$, but thats because i got the wrong generic kind, or so says my insurance company.
  20. Im a guy too. Its funny cause even my derm said that ipledge is very silly, and he told me to be glad im not a girl, lol Wow That sucks, no insurance? I dont feel so jipped afterall i paid $5. but 40 isn't that bad, call your insurance company to double check though. Yeah they said that i got Claravis, a generic kind, but they didnt cover it too much, and tht if i wanted to pay only $10 i would haveto get Amnesteem , another generic kind. Wow.
  21. Yeah i know that im really fortunate to have pretty good insurance, it just surprised me, thats all. Im going to call my insurance to see whats up. Wouldnt want to be paying 40$ when i very well could be paying only 10$
  22. Ok so i got the OK from my derm for accutane a week ago. He tells me to go get a blood test, i do, and come backa week later. I come back, he gives me the script and tells me to give him an hour to put me in the ipledge registry. I gave him 3 hours. There is a street here callled Tiffin ave. and it has tons of stores and shopping centers. I swear i went into 15 different stores that have pharmacys and NONE of them had accutane. So i reach the end of tiffin and there is walmart. I go in a