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  1. Hi. I have very oily skin which Differin is helping to control. The problem is I have terrible flaking. I have used Complex 15 at night. I use Olay Complete for sensative skin during the day. I have also used Jojoba oil and have tried aloe vera mixed with olay. I am wondering if I can use something like Neutrogena healthy skin face lotion to help get rid of the flakes? I have tried exfoliating with a wash cloth. ouch! big nono. I am looking for something that won' t make my skin oilier
  2. Hi. I was using Dr Bonners peppermint castile soap as a cleanser before I started Differin I know it is to harsh to use now but I was thinking about using the sensative skin/ baby version as a facial cleanser. Any thoughts? I ab currently using Johnsons head to toe. It is ok but I don't like is much as Dr. Bonners.
  3. I used the same trick 25+ years ago as a teenager but I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.
  4. I purchased this a few days ago. I love it. I have been looking at it off and on for several months. Thanks for the rec.
  5. Hi. I have been using the regimen for a few months now. I have hd several ups and downs but in general I am very happy with the results. My skin is still very oily but it always has been. it is also very sensitive and doesn't seem as irritated. Thanks to everyone for suggestions and help.
  6. Hey Mandy. This also has kaolin clay just like the blush. It does help control oil.
  7. It was sad.... I went to the grocery to get soup for my sick husband and had to stop by the makeup on my way out.
  8. Hi Mandy. The translucent light isn't orange on me at all and I use it several times a day. When the light and dark colors combine it is perfect on my skin. I think the translucent will eventually have sunscreen as the stores get restocked. The translucent is to dark for me right now but will be perfect in the summer when I use a sunless tanner. By then hopefully that one will have sunscreen as well I am also very pale so I think the lighter one will be fine for you. Also, I don't use the br
  9. Mandy, I have been using this for a few days and really like it. You can use it alone but I still love the loose mineral makeup and brush this over the top and to touch up during the day. If you use it alone it still works fine. Just a bit more sheer.
  10. I agree that Mandys pictures made a difference. I am so glad I switched
  11. I went to Sallys and looked at the Palido liquid eyeliner in bronze and black forest. I didn't buy either but probably will on my way home from work
  12. I have also noticed walgreens doesn't carry all of the color choices. Walmart and ulta are the only places that carry the full line of color choices