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  1. Ok, so I have just completed a course of 8 colonics over 8 weeks and thought I would share my experience with you. Really I'm just putting this out there so people who may be interested don't need to fear the unknown. To be clear, when I say colonic, I do not mean a colon cleanse or liver flush, or any liquid, tablet etc. taken orally. I mean when a small tube is inserted into your butt, and your large/lower colon is filled gently filled with warm water. Ok – I think we’re all clear on that
  2. Hello, I've posted only once before, but this is a good topic for me, because I cut all refined sugar out of my diet three weeks ago. I have moderate acne. I get a lot of bumps under the surface of my skin that don't come to a head. Stuff that does come to a head I often squeeze or pick at (bad!). I've tried all kinds of pharmaceutical including antibiotics, birth control, accutane x2. I've tried possibly every topical know to man kind. Colonics have helped a lot (kind of traumatizing for some
  3. I also live in San Diego and happen looking for a good aesthetician. What derm's office does he/she operate out of? Facials covered by insurance sounds good!!
  4. Buy a garlic crusher - from Target or Woolies - they're readily available on both sides of the pond. Get your garlic, peel it, put in the garlic crusher, smash it up good, put in a glass, add your choice of juice, water, whatever (my favourite's apple juice) and drink it down. Yum! Still not particularly tasty but so much better than CHEWING IT RAW?????