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  1. Hi, male 27 from the UK here. Bit of background. Suffered from acne for approx 10 years. Had it quite bad when I was 16-18 and was prescribed Accutane from a dermatologist on the NHS. So I know what it does and I know how I reacted to it. That cleared me up for about 3 years and I was really happy with my skin. From then on I have faced a constant battle trying to keep my acne under control. All the prescription medications, creams, gels, diets, Dan's regime etc. Although I had some success with
  2. Has anyone used Brevoxyl as their BP cream? I have used Panoxyl aqua gel in the past but Brevoxyl seems to be a lot less harsh on my skin, it seems to bleech fabrics a lot less and over all does a better job. I have suffered from Acne for over 10 years and went on Roaccutane about 8 years ago which did a fine job. Since then my acne has edged it's way back into my life but I feel like I've finally got a grip on it thanks to the advice given from this site. I've been back and fourth to the docto
  3. I've was on roaccutane many years ago and it worked wonders but I'd really rather not go down that path again! I don't think my Doc would refer me to a derm anyway for accutane as they would say that the acne isn't bad enough.
  4. I'd be very interested in a successful solution to this. Touch wood my regime seems to be working so far getting rid of my spots but it's made very little difference to my black heads and blocked pores. They always seem to occur in the same places. I can squeeze really hard at the black heads and or blocked pores and some of the gunk comes out but they always return a few days later. I've read that it's important not to get rid of the blackheads or blocked pores in this manner so I have stoppe
  5. The same thing happens to me. I have started using a load of BP and moisturiser at night before I go to bed and in the morning before I go out I just apply a small amount of BP to the worst areas and only a small amount of moisturiser so it doesn't look too oily. It seems to be working OK for me anyway :dance:
  6. Perhaps it is that my neck is just much more sensitive. I shave in the evening and apply lots of BP and moisturiser then. I would go running in the morning and only after I come back do I have a shower and apply BP. It's not a major problem because the redness subsides soon after I've showered but I was just wondering if it will always be like that when using BP or if it's likely stop the more I use it. Thanks for your help Brandy.
  7. Hi all, To try and keep fit I often go out running and this causes me to sweat a lot, especially around my face. I've noticed that since being on the regime when I come back from a run a very red and saw red rash appears under my jaw line and my neck. I'm presuming it's my sweat reacting with the BP but I apply the BP to the rest of my face and not just under my jaw and luckily my face doesn't react at all. I'm just wondering if any one else experiences this and knows what it it? Other than this
  8. I often find my skin seems much better waking up after a heavy night of drinking! Very strange. Maybe I'm still blurry eyed and hung over when I'm looking in the mirror
  9. I found it in sainsburys. It's in light coloured packaging and looks like it belongs in Victorian times :lol2: Hope this helps.
  10. My Nivea does have Lanolin in it. I'll go and get myself some Eurecin tomorrow i think and start using that.
  11. Well, I'm about 2 weeks in and I've seen a significant improvement skin is dry but I don't care. I find that the moisturiser makes my skin very oily looking so I have altered my regime slightly..... I shower and shave in the evening and slap on the BP and moisturiser in large amounts before I go to bed. Then I have a shower in the morning and only apply a small amount of BP and moisturiser before I have to go and face the world. Seems to be having the desired effect anyway. Using Pears soap
  12. I'm using this now and it seems great! Don't get it in your eyes though! Owwww!
  13. Great! it sounds like this Pears soap is rather good stuff! I'm off to buy a couple of bars tonight. Hoepfully I will find it in Sainbury's.
  14. Cheers aph, I've gone for the Neutrogena clear pore wash, Oxy on the spot (2.5bp) and Nivea lotion for the moisturiser. 4 days in.... my face burns and goes red slightly after application but from reading this website this is normal. Seeing slight signs of improving already.
  15. Mark from westlife uttering his first words of the night by saying the word 'pubes' and then falling off his chair was very amusing. Or was that the week before?
  16. Hi guys I've had acne problems for about 7 years and have used most of the avaliable treatments (accutane included). I'm amazed that I have only just stumbled accross this site! Would any of you be kind enough to give your opinions on what UK products are best to use with the clear skin regime for a bloke? Thanks loads. (and apologies if this question has been asked 1000 times before on this forum)
  17. Name:Dave Sex: Male Age:23 Location:Shropshire Best Feature: Erm, Bum? Most annoying Feature: My thatched roof hair!