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  1. I just got my order from Meow yesterday. I like the coverage I got with the flawless feline but I think the colors are a little too light as well. I might be able to mix them and see if that helps. I have VERY dry skin and it did seem to show some of my flakeyness but no more than normal liquid foundation. It also lasted a while. I just dont want to have to order new samples in another shade, Im too impatient.
  2. My doctor recommended I try nu derm, has anyone tried this. Im somewhat skeptical that it would work and I dont want to waste hundreds of dollars. Also what were the initial side efffects, my doctor told me they would be similar to when you start tretinoin cream, that worries me becasue I looked lke hell for two months when I used it. Any information would be helpful, thanks.
  3. lately my hair has been getting really frizzy after a few hours, does anyone knoe how to keep form getting this friz on top of your head its driving me crazy!
  4. Ive had acne for 6+ years and I finally went to the derm this year. As f about two months ago my skin has been basically clear. I have always had really dry skin but now I think some of the stuff I use on my skin has made it oily. Im too upset by this as long as I dont get any pimple but Im wondering if there are any tricks to help with it.
  5. Dressing rooms are the worst. I thought I was looking good yesterdy, I just have red marks and some scaring no ctive acne. But I made the mistake of looking at my face in the drsiing room while I was shopping, I looked horrible. I left the store and ended up sitting in my car and crying.
  6. Ok so I just got my acne under control, I only get a new pimple every once in awhile. But I have a lot of scarring, is the anything can do for it. My cheeks look like the texture of orange peels.
  7. I think the best thing for you to do would to go see a dermatologsit, thats what I after I tried Proactive it skrewed my skin up. i know its expensive but if you can afford it I think thats your best bet. Good luck!!
  8. No that why Im confused I thought the gel was supposed to be stronger but it has a smaller percent
  9. I have been on tretionoin cream for about two months and my doctor just switched me to tretinoin gel. I thought the gel was supposed to be stronger but the cream is .1% and the gel is.025%. Does anyone know which is stronger. Also has anyone tried this and had goos results
  10. So my skin is pretty much completely clear just a pimple every once in awhile but my cheeks are completely covered in tiny little red marks. Im still usuing benzaclin and a tretionoin gel everyday, what is the best way to strat to get rid of my red marks?
  11. So I went to the derm yesterday, he changed my perscription from a tretionoin cream to a gel, Im worried becasue it started teh cream while i was on winter break and didnt actually have to go anywhere, now im back at school, has anyone used the gel. With the cream my skin peeled alot for the first few weeks, will this happen again?
  12. I just recently went on Yasmin Im on my second pack, i just started my period but its two weeks early. Does it have something to do with the Yasmin? Ive been on alot of other birthconrol pills and never had this happen.
  13. Ive been on differin for about 5 weeks now and am pretty much clear but I did have a pretty bad initial breakout and it really dried my skin out. Im happy with it now though