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  1. How can you recommend a laser you no little to nothing about? I remember you called this thing a uranium laser at one time . It really pisses me off when people recommend stuff to others when they have no idea of what the stuff does. Stop the back seat driving when you don't know jack! "Hey go waste some money on something I don't really want to risk on myself and tell me how it goes" true that...and Simply Me ..my scars arent as bad as yours so laser is def out of the question
  2. yes a peel would defo be the answer, i got my tca peel from makeup artists choice, forget spending tons of money on laser and go for a few mild tca peels beverly..i like your answer...i think i might do that or microdermabrasion sessions to make my skin smooth
  3. i have a bunch of scars concentrated on my temples on both sides that are not very deep but they look like complete shit in sunlight..almost like its wrinkly skin u kno..what would fix this ? and plus my forehead is red from all the pimples i had years ago...would a peel be my answer? what kinda peel ?? anything plzz
  4. opportunity....do you kno if the vinegar method is permanent ?
  5. if overeating causes acne then 3/4 of the usa would have acne
  6. true that..and i think it is permanent
  7. 1:2 that seems pretty harsh..but if it works for you i guess thats all that matters
  8. for me its like on and off..i find that when i use it for three nights in a row and then take a break for 3 days im fine..it tightens the skin and reduces my scars..i have minor ones to begin with so it helps..
  9. I haven't had problems with it making my skin red and I use it once a day. do you use the 1:4 ratio
  10. i stopped it for a couple days and drank a ton of water and my skin cleared huge..and then i trid the vinegar method (1:4) last nite and had pretty good results..hopefully im not jinxing myself...
  11. one day you wake up your scars look barely noticeable and it stays liek that the whole day, or you wake up and they look more noticeable then ever ? am i the only one ?