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  1. I have those exact same drawers too to keep my makeup in! Awesome collection by the way.
  2. I have a cute little makeup case in my purse that I carry around.. JUST in case. It has-- Physician's Formula mineral wear pressed powder Tweezers Mascara Lots of balms/glosses Cover Girl Concealer stick Blotting papers
  3. The only accutane "horror" story I have is my regret that I didn't go on it sooner. Like Phate said above, going on accutane was the best choice I've ever made.
  4. Try using a brow powder. I used a brow liner for a while just to darken up my brows a little bit until I realized how unnatural it looked. Then I switched to Maybelline's brow powder (great reviews on MUA) or just any ol' brownish colored eyeshadow.. then I take an angled brush and lightly apply.
  5. I took accutane and I think I'm about 6 or 7 months post-tane. Just recently, I started getting some minor zits here and there (*knocks on wood* hopefully it will stay minor.) I used no topicals.
  6. I just started on my 2nd bottle of borage oil today... also 1000 mg like the poster above. I can't say if it's helped my skin yet or not buuuuut I'll give it another 30 days or so until I decide my verdict.
  7. Goddddd rock band is AMAZING. Guitar Hero III is fun as well... I beat half of the game at Walmart one day in one standing (yes I'm lame ) I also have musical skills with the alto saxophone, but I like guitar hero/rock band a lot better.
  8. I wear the mineral wear pressed powder daily and love it No breakouts from it at all.
  9. Yeah I've been tempted. My hope was to turn one face into one big scab.. then when the scab heals, fresh new skin would be revealed *sigh*
  10. Ohh damn maybe I should stop taking the borage oil then haha... don't wanna waste my money
  11. ^Well its only been a few days since you started taking it right? You definitely won't see results this fast... give it at least 3-6 weeks to see any true results. That goes with any treatment really... especially anything dealing with hormones. By the way.. this is a bit off subject, but I have been doing some research and thought I'd just bring it up-- Have you by chance ever taking borage oil or evening primrose oil? Both have a good amount of GLA in it... and GLA is an extremely potent i
  12. I just started taking 800 mcg as well.. so I'll keep everyone updated also I took my first dose yesterday and today I felt extreeeeemely tired. Seriously, I got 12 hours of sleep PLUS a 3 hour nap and I was still nodding off throughout the day. I don't know if it was the chromium or not though causing it..
  13. I've been a MUA addict for I think a couple years now... can't live without the damn site I'm on there daily. I can tell you that I absolutely refuse to buy a beauty product of any sort without consulting MUA first
  14. What's your dosage right now? I got some 800 mcg chromium pills last night because I hear it helps with weight loss... if it can help with acne too, what a bonus!
  15. Has anyone tried using lemon juice to lighten their hair? I recently went to a salon and got highlights... though my hair is blonder, I'm still not satisfied enough with the highlights I got and would like to go even blonder. Would mixing some peroxide and lemonjuice lighten my hair?
  16. If anything, you'd think that it would clear skin as orgasms often relieve stress Who knows.
  17. OH SHIT! I forgot about this thread, I should probably update I'll say right now... definitely improvement.. but I'll have to explain more later when I get home because I'm in a huge rush out the door right now.
  18. Yep I've been doing a lot of research on this actually. Oregano oil... seriously, google "Oregano Oil Antbiotic" and you'll get tooooooons of websites saying how its just as effective as regular prescribed antibiotics, but without the nasty side effects. It's the most potent natural antibiotic there is (well... actually, garlic might be the most potent, but unless you want to stink... oregano oil should be just as good.) Here's a thread I made on it- http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.ph