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  1. ^ What pic can't you see? I have a bunch posted. If one's not working, I'll reupload it or something... is anyone else getting this problem?
  2. ^^^ Thought I'd throw this picture in as well. This is with *MAKEUP* and obviously really amazing webcam dark lighting that hides flaws a bit better (okay, a lot better... ) http://img401.imageshack.us/my.php?image=n...10138744ps7.jpg Makeup I'm currently using, if you gals are wondering- Physician's Formula Mineral Wear pressed powder... lightest color. Jane Blush, it varies. IF more coverage is needed, then I'll use Maybelline Pure foundation under my powder.
  3. Hey guys, after getting some PM's, I thought I'd give an update. As of right now, I'm 99% clear. *knocks on wood* Products I'm currently using- -Purpose Cleanser -Aspirin masks -Finacea gel at night (for red marks, works brilliantly. Nothing has worked as well for me. ) -Occasionally spot treat with 2.5% BP. -Moisturize in mornings with Olay's hydrating beauty fluid. That's pretty much it, I am keeping it very simple. Current skin- *do take in mind that my webcam does make my skin look b
  4. Hello! 2 nights ago, I had used my finacea cream and I accidentally left the cap off until this morning. Could the finacea possibly get oxidized and go old because of that? I'm just a bit paranoid since there's still more than half left in the tube and it's a bit pricey.
  5. If anything, wouldn't Finacea help to get RID of facial hair in girls? It encourages hair in balding men.. but for women, it would be different. Azelaic acid is actually suppose to inhibit DHT, which is what causes balding in men and unwanted hair in women. Who knows though. If excess hair growth WAS listed as a side effect, that makes me a bit nervous, considering I'm going to be using this stuff next week. I don't really feel like growing a beard any time soon!
  6. Sex, watching porn, and researching alternative healing methods, medicines, nutrition, and anything related to health.
  7. Curious, would it work the same if I just went over to GNC to pick up a bottle of Vitamin K tablets for $3, grind them into a powder, and then mix it in my moisturizer?
  8. Wooo! Definitely going to order this stuff...
  9. If I got chia seeds.. could I just swallow them like a pill rather than actually eating them? Would it still get digested right if it doesn't get chewed up?
  10. Breakfast- An apple Lunch- Turkey sandwich on rye bread with romaine lettuce and mustard and a banana Supper- Probably another turkey sandwich and an apple
  11. Ohh thank you! That stuff sounds perfect... exactly what I want
  12. Do any of you's know of any cleansers that contain glycolic acid? I know Olay has one.. the "regenerist daily thermal mini-peel"... Are there any others, though?
  13. Wtf, since when is fruit not healthy? lol
  14. Usually I'm really good about what I eat. I stick to mostly natural things... I eat tons of fruit, healthy sandwhiches, salads, drink lots of water (no juice, pop, etc.) The only thing really "processed" that I eat pretty much daily is tomato soup, and I have so for quite a while now. Here I'm assuming that the only thing unhealthy about tomato soup is the high sodium content, so I'd usually just get the kind with like "68% less sodium" or whatever the percentage was. It wasn't until I looke
  15. Ahhhh I love xsparkages videos.. her eyemakeup is amazing.. very fun! Her face maekup though.. she has flawless skin, she doesn't even need it. Lucky :cry:
  16. Well, what does the rest of your diet look like? What might be happening is that Accutane protected you for 6 months; but now, you're relying only on supplements and you aren't working hard enough on your diet, and so you're starting to break out again. Supplements don't protect you on their own. So yeah, what are you eating?
  17. Has anyone experienced an increase of acne when taking the following supplements?- Vitamin A (10,000 IU) Borage/Evening Primrose Oil Chromium Cinnamon Those are the supplements I started taking more on a regular basis and now I am dealing with my first fairly bad breakout since ending accutane over 6 months ago. Thoughts?
  18. I started taking a vitamin A+D supplement about a week and a half ago.... 10,000 mg vitamin A/800 mg vitamin D. Since then, my face has been flaring up and I got my first actual breakout since accutane (not counting the occasional couple of zits.) Is it possible that the supplement is giving me an IB? It could also be PMS though, since the wonderful Aunt Rose decided to pay me a visit yesterday ().. thoughts?
  19. I've been in such similar situations haha. What I would do, just so I don't feel paranoid, is wash off my makeup, reapply the differin, and then put my makeup back on, but very lightly. I'd feel more reassured that way