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  1. I added ground flax seeds to my diet a couple weeks ago, thinking it would be good for my skin due to the "hormone balancing" qualities, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids. HOWEVER, lately, I've been getting some pretty bad hormonal breakouts, which I don't deal with that often. I mean, very deep painful ones The only thing I've done different is adding in the flax seeds. Has anyone else experienced worse breakouts from flax?
  2. I've only been able to lucid dream twice. The first time I realized I was dreaming, I tried changing my whole scenery so I could engage in an orgy, but that didn't work and I ended up waking up. Second time, I wanted to try flying, but the most I could do was hover above the ground a few inches. Fail.
  3. hehe, did you find out about bee yummy from highonhealth's blog? I've been dying to try out that moiusterizer myself... Also, I love Smokey Mountain Minerals! They are pretty "underground" for a MMU company, aren't they?
  4. My Dad has a blood clot in one of is legs which gives him pain when he walks,would serrapeptase help get rid of the blood clot. It should help! Doesn't hurt to give it a try. Google "serrapeptase" and "blood clots" and you should hopefully get some good information.
  5. Hmm... I found this article on wikipedia (not the best source, I know, but it's good info!) on acne scar treatments.. the first part talks about enzymes.. maybe it will give a better understanding?
  6. Hello I was just wondering if your Vitalzym bottle lists the IU's of each enzyme on the back of the bottle by chance? I've been trying to search the web for the Vitalzym lable/nutrition facts and am having no luck. If I could find out the amount of serrapeptase it contains... that would be very helpful...
  7. Enzymes fascinate me, I've been researching about this a lot recently. Here's what someone had to say about vitalzym in terms of scars-
  8. Hmm, well. High insulin levels= excess androgens= more acne.
  9. I heard about that bee yummy moisturizer from highonhealth's blog. She raved about it, almost made me want to buy it. I think I'm going to be ordering this gel though, check out the reviews Has anyone used it? It's pricey but you get a fair amount for your buck and you can get it cheaper on ebay. http://www.qvcuk.com/ukqic/qvcapp.aspx/app...k.yah.UKHB-U072
  10. Are you still liking the Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer? I'm dying to give it a try....
  11. Damn they finally came out with a generic yasmin, eh? I had no idea
  12. There ARE no studies showing that the topical application of natural oils (borage, evening primrose, black currant, etc.) inhibits 5a-reductase to any significant extent. And the reason for that is very simple: while there are several studies showing that certain unsaturated fatty acids inhibit 5a-reductase to varying degrees, only FREE fatty acids do that! Fatty acids as they occur in natural oils (like the ones I mentioned above) are almost entirely in the form of mono-, di-, and triglyceri
  13. Nope, all nice comments, but the mixture wasn't working for me so I felt frusterated and took it down. I didn't want to rave about something that was breaking me out. Until I find a new base to mix the niacinamide in, I'll keep it on private. I'm hoping I can find another brand of aloe vera that is more pure than the stuff I've been using, and then hopefully that won't break me out. The jojoba oil thing is a good idea. Perhaps I can try mixing niacinamide in water.. and add a littl
  14. I took the video down, sorry! I was going to say....... aloe vera does NOT mix well with my skin at all. In the past, it has always given me breakouts and I don't know why. This time, I used the Lily of the Desert brand on my face, which is suppose to be organic 99.5% aloe vera.... and now I'm sitting here with large painful pimples on the left side of my face.. plus I can see more starting to pop up. I know the niacinamide hasn't caused this though because I've used niacinamide in the pas
  15. Has anyone had any success with "sugar blocker" supplements? There's one in particular that I found at Walmart in the diabetes isle. It's called "pharmapure" and the main ingredients in it are gymnema sylvestre (250 mg), Chromium (200 mcg), and vanadyl sulfate (15 mg.) All are known to be safe herbs/minerals for controlling blood sugar levels and insulin spikes. Aparantly, gymnema sylvestre has been used in India for many many years as a way to control blood sugar levels, and it's also refer
  16. Good site Unfortunately, I can't order from there because I don't have a debit card (I only use prepaid gift cards and paypal, puritans pride accepts neither.) My personally favorite site at the moment is www.iherb.com. I got a bottle of NAC (250 capsules) for about $18 including shipping, while it originally retailed for nearly $40. I just ordered it friday and looked at my tracking number and it has already arrived at the post office. Once I get a debit card, I will definitely start orde
  17. Hey I've been having the same problem. I first started drinking tea months ago and my face always got worse. I stopped because of that reason. Then, a few days ago, I decided to give tea a try again. My face was 99.8% clear and has been for almost a couple months now (minus a zit here and there), but as soon as I started drinking the tea, a few cups a day for 3 days, I'm not sitting here with 3 large painful pimples on my face along with a few whiteheads. Green tea is going in the trash..
  18. Haha ah yes, I did, didn't I? I'll try to get one up tonight.