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  1. I just wanted to comment that my acne didn't hit me until my body started normalizing, about 3 months after stopping the pill. Eek :unsure: Well i'm hoping that since i'm on accutane right now... it will prevent that from happening!
  2. I have revlon colorstay and I absolutely love it. Both foundations are extremely similar... Estee Lauder is just more expensive and has more colors to choose from
  3. www.makeupalley.com Also, MUT has a pretty good beauty review section
  4. I think your face would probably fall off if you put BP all over your face while on accutane Accutane should work its magic, so you shouldn't need anything else.
  5. Hello, I just wanted to say that I came off the pill exactly 1 week ago (not counting the placebos) after being on it for 6 months. No changes yet except I've been hornier () and my moods have been better *KNOCKS ON WOOD*. I did a LOT of research though to prepare myself for coming off the pill and have found that these supplements should help a lot: Maca Root: If you do some googling, you'll see that maca root is a natural herb that helps regulate women's hormones... I went on a couple of f
  6. I want northern lights so bad as well... but i'm too cheap to buy it! Lol. Pigments are used to do eye makeup... they tend to give a more bold, vibrant color and aren't exactly on the matte side (at least I think! Please correct me if I'm wrong.) You can also use things like vanilla pigments to highlight your cheeks and other areas of your face
  7. Hmm maybe I might give it a try then! I suppose it shouldn't hurt eh? My main reason for wanting to try vitex is because I just stopped taking birth control 11 days ago (counting the placebos) and I wanted to prevent my hormones from going out of whack and also get a regular period.. and also hopefully to control monthly breakouts.
  8. Thanks for your response sara I think I might get an allergy test done sometime for sure... I don't think i've ever gotten tested for allergies before actually! Anyways, quick update I forget which day i'm on but i'm in middle of month 5 right now... November 18th will be the start of my last month for me, unless my derm decides to keep me on longer (which I'm hoping!!!) Things are still pretty much the same.. but my red marks and other strange splotches on my skin are definitely improvin
  9. Aww okay I think i'll skip out on the vitex then.... plus I hear it can decrease sex drive, which I definitely don't want happening.
  10. Okay yeah I might as well give it a try just to see what they say. I've returned some non prescription sleeping pills before to Walgreens (that were opened and used) and they took it back without any questions.. I hope the same goes for Walmart! lol
  11. Stupid question but... I bought some acidophilus capsules last night from Walmart... but after doing some research, I found out that they most likely will already be dead by the time I put them in my mouth... so I wanted to return the ones from Walmart and go get some higher quality acidophilus from a health food store. Do you think Walmart would allow me to return them? (Ps. I already opened them.. oops)
  12. Bump... so who's all taking vitex right now? Did it help? I'm debating between Vitex or Saw Palmetto... I know vitex is suppose to help balance hormones while saw palmetto is suppose to block DHT.....
  13. Oh no I don't weigh 270 I'm not sure how all that dosage stuff works.
  14. Has anyone used cheap probiotics from walmart with no problems? I can't afford the expensive stuff..
  15. I'm not tiny haha my weight is fine for 120 mg.. plus, I decided to not take that much so im only taking 40 mg and saving the rest for any post-tane breakouts
  16. I was on it and it cleared up my back and chest.. not sure about my face though since it was too horrible to clear up without accutane.. I stopped taking Yaz now though.
  17. Wtf lol.. I heard you can get tattoos probably 6-12 months after your accutane course... I'd wait a year though just to be safe.
  18. :lol: I'm actually wearing some sexy frilly lacy underwear from walmart at this exact moment :w00t:
  19. If you want a foundation that will hold up through your wedding and reception, I DEFINITELY recommend Revlon Colorstay Foundation.. the stuff will not budge until you wash it off at night