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  1. Hey hun, I was just wondering the story behind your acne? Like, when did it start getting bad? Did it gradually happen or do you think you may have had a reaction to something?

    I just wanted to wish you the best of luck though on accutane :D My skin was even worse than yours (you can take a look at my gallery to see) and accutane cleared me right up.

  2. Hunny you don't know how much I feel your pain.... the exact same thing happened to me... It all happened so suddenly- I went from moderate, but managable/coverable acne.. to extremely severe acne that I couldn't even cover almost overnight. Once that happened, I didn't hang out with any friends for over 2 months and I ended up getting homeschooled for the rest of my senior year. I am all clear though now thanks to minocycline and accutane :dance: (though I have sooooo much redness and scarring :D but at least I can cover my face with makeup now.) I think you are gorgeous with or without acne though.

  3. Something very similar happened to me. I had moderate acne that was starting to clear up and then I got strep throat... took the antibiotic penicillin... and my skin broke out into the worst severe acne i've ever seen.. 10x worse than yours......... and it wasn't like normal acne, mine was oozing and crusting (sorry for the details :dance:)..... anyways, I also believed that maybe I had some kind of bacterial resistant infection but unfortunatly, no one would listen to what I had to say :D I'm on accutane right now and i'm pretty clear for the most part... but my face is covered in severe redness and post acne marks.

  4. I think the exact same thing happened to my skin. I went from moderate acne to severe almost overnight... and at that time, I was on penicillin for strep throat and got a severe yeast infection. I wonder if that's what caused my face to get so bad? :dance:

    Anyways, at least you have a supportive loving boyfriend by your side :D You're beautiful... good luck!