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  1. I use adult acnomel as well and it's the best thing I've ever used for my acne. I've been on proactiv, antiobiotics, the regimen, accutane TWICE... acnomel is the only thing that cleared me up fast.

    However, I ran out and am now breakout out again. :o Can't find it in stores around my area.. had to order it online. It FINALLY came in the mail on friday so yay for me. ;)

  2. Has any type of sulfur products worked for your skin? I'm planning on getting some kind of sulfur soap =] I've read reviews about some Joesoef sulfur soap (google it) and people have raved on other forums how it cleared up their skin drastically. After doing more research, sulfur seems pretty awesome. Thoughts?

  3. Seriously, first moisturizer out of all the years i've used moisturizers on my face that I actually like. Doesn't make me look oily and doesn't break me out. Also, I love that it has no petroleum or mineral oil. If you ever discontinue it, I think I will cry and have no choice but to gather pickiters and protest.

    Thank you :thumbsup:

  4. I don't think the mineral makeup was my culprit. I believe the breakout I was having was still from my initial breakout on starting birth control pills. My skin is starting to clear up now and I started using the MMU again.. and I've had no problems. I'll even sleep with it at night if I sleep at my bf's (I'll wash my face and put treatment on before-hand of course.)

  5. Everyone is different, some people never get IB's, some people do. The IB's can last from anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. I personally got a really bad IB starting after the first week of taking it. I'm going to be starting my 3rd month in about 8 days and I am finally just starting to clear up now. I not by any means close to being clear yet, but the severe breakouts have stopped lol. I'm confident by the 6th month mark, I'll be completely clear.

    Also, my breasts don't often get sore, only when I'm close to starting my period. I woke up this morning and they felt a little sore, but it went away. I started noticing less oil half way through my 2nd month.

  6. Woah I'm glad to hear that you all have had problems with mineral makeup too! (Well, not GLAD that it gave you skin problems, but that I'm not the only one whos been suffering from MMU breakouts.)

    I'll stay far away for now. The weird thing is though, I can use physicians formula mineral wear pressed powder without any problems. However, the "natural" mineral makeup I used seemed to have a lot more mica in it because my face looked really shiny from the mica particles. I haven't used my mineral makeup in a few days now and things are already calming. However, I also started using a new salicylic acid treatment, so that could be helping as well.

  7. I've been breaking out terribly lately. And I mean absolutely horribly. My skin was doing okay last month.. I had some hormonal breakouts due to starting birth control (on my chin and jawline and some on my forehead.) Then I decided to order mineral makeup (smokey mountain minerals to be exact), thinking it would calm my skin down! This formula has no bismuth, but it has lots of mica.

    Anyways, since using it, I've been getting cysts and whiteheads all over the apples of my cheeks and by my nose, where I don't break out that often in the first place! Has anyone else had this problem since using a mica based mineral makeup? :cry: I'll go back to liquid foundation in the mean time..

  8. Now, I'm absolutely dying to try Dan's AHA. So much that I actually opened up a checkings account and ordered a debit card just so I could order it. O_O

    I have heard nothing but raving reviews and I think it would be a great product to try to fight minor breakouts and even out my skin tone.

    HOWEVER, are there any dangers to over exfoliation with AHA's?

    Lately I've been reading on the internet something called the "Hayflick Limit."


    "The Hayflick limit is the number of times a cell will divide before it stops due to the telomere reaching a critical length"

    (taken from wikipedia)

    I've read that AHA's and BHA's may make the skin hit the hayflick limit sooner than it should. For example, this website.. bottom paragraph-

    The dangers of excessive skin exfoliation: Less wrinkles today could mean more wrinkles tomorrow Main benefits of alpha hydroxy acids come from their ability to exfoliate skin. Removal of the outermost layer of the skin stimulates the cells in lower layers to grow and divide, causing the skin to thicken and thus diminishing visible signs of aging. The more you exfoliate the more cell divisions will occur in the lower skin layers. There is one problem though. Normal human cells cannot divide indefinitely. Fibroblasts (a key type of cells in the skin) would divide about fifty times and then enter a so-called stage of senescence. This limit of about fifty cell divisions is called the Hayflick limit (after its discoverer, Dr. Leonard Hayflick). This is a state in which the cell is sluggish, inefficient, unresponsive to various signals from the body and unable to divide. Skin with many senescent cells is usually fragile blotchy and easily wrinkled.

    Exfoliation remains a valuable cosmetic tool but if you overuse it, your skin may "hit the Hayflick limit" earlier than it should. In recent years, researchers have discovered the molecular mechanism of the Hayflick limit. (It has to do with the areas at the tips of chromosomes called telomeres). Medical technologies to eliminate the Hayflick limit may appear in a reasonably near future. These technologies are likely to work only for those cells whose Hayflick limit has not yet been reached.

    Today's good news is that Hayflick limit does not appear to be carved in stone. Research indicates that very simple measures available today may help extend it by as much as 50 percent. (Further details are included in the Skin Rejuvenation Infopack ).

  9. I thought I'd update as well. Things are still the same since the last time I reported. Same improvement, no change since then. It's obviously something that is going to be slow working though. As for breakouts, I'm still breaking out a ton for some reason, but I blame that on other reasons ie: too much drinking, certain supplements I introduced, etc. I'm not sure if the serrapeptase is contributing to my breakouts a little bit or not.

  10. What's the point of fluorescent lights anyways? Whether my face looks bad in it or not, I think that bright horrible lighting is just depressing and uncomfortable lol. If every restaurant/store had dim lighting, that would be AWESOME.

  11. I know I posted in this thread already, but that was a long time ago so I thought I'd update.

    I'm still extremely ghostly pale. Probably even a lot more pale since the last time I posted in this thread. The only things that work for my pale skin are the following-

    Maybelline Pure Foundation (in the lightest shade, I forget what it's called.)

    Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder (lightest shade again.)

    Now, these foundations don't match my face absolutely perfectly, but I blend well and things look just fine. No foundation has ever matched my face perfectly unfortunately and I've tried both drugstore and high end brands.