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Mandy Ann

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  1. Aww why thank you, as do you =]

    1. Thank you very much :D

      1. I haven't used those in forever, but thanks for reminding me! It's in the back of my makeup case somewhere. I am going to wear it tonight actually, the shimmer strips are incredibly lovely and flattering.

        1. Aww sorry babe, I never check my profile because I assume no one ever leaves me comments (*cries*) :P. Lucky you for getting to work in Miami! Florida is the shiiit. If I managed to scrap up any extra money, I may just have to take the 3 day drive to come visit your ass. :P

          1. How are you Mr. Slim? 8) Living up life in the Caribbean?

            1. Ahhh! I feel so horrible! I haven't checked my profile in ages and I saw that you left a comment a few months ago asking where to buy finacea. =[ If you're still interested, this is the australian website I order it from--


              Again, I'm so sorry! Good luck with everything. :D

              1. that is a HOT ASS

                1. SHIT MAN... how are you!?

                  1. Hey there :D Whats up?

                    1. (Whoops, I ran out of room lol.. I'll continue)

                      2nd course of accutane. :( Best of luck to you and I hope that your derm gives it to you! Hopefully the 2nd course will kill the acne off for good.

                      1. Hey sweetie =] Accutane has been great so far! I only took 5 months and I secretly took myself off this month just to see how my skin does.... BUT, I also have 5 months worth of 40 mg pills left over (shh) so that I can give myself a 2nd course if needed.. naughty, I know :P

                        I assume that your skin isn't treating you well atm since you mentioned wanting to go on

                        1. Thanks baby doll :]

                          1. Thanks! I can't wait to try it :D

                            1. Jordan, i've never commented you before I don't think... but I thought i'd stop by and say that you are one cool mother fucker :]

                              1. Erica you sexy beast, how are you!