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  1. I got a 15 or 20% (can't remember) salicylic acid peel.. it's the MUAC (makeup artist choice) brand. I love it. I've used it plenty and it always refreshes my skin and makes pimples shrink and my skin glows. I just used it a couple days ago and my skin has been a bit flaky, but other than that, all is good.
  2. I use adult acnomel as well and it's the best thing I've ever used for my acne. I've been on proactiv, antiobiotics, the regimen, accutane TWICE... acnomel is the only thing that cleared me up fast. However, I ran out and am now breakout out again. Can't find it in stores around my area.. had to order it online. It FINALLY came in the mail on friday so yay for me.
  3. Yummy, that was my drink of choice for so long. Didn't break me out either. Hell of a hangover though.. I blame the cheap vodka I used to buy though.
  4. Drink red wiiiiiiiiine. Antioxidants ftw. I'm going to get drunk off it in tonight, in fact. Much healthier than beer (in terms of calories and antioxidants.. correct me if I'm wrong) and you get drunk faster.
  5. Aww why thank you, as do you =]

    1. Thank you very much :D

      1. I haven't used those in forever, but thanks for reminding me! It's in the back of my makeup case somewhere. I am going to wear it tonight actually, the shimmer strips are incredibly lovely and flattering.

        1. Has any type of sulfur products worked for your skin? I'm planning on getting some kind of sulfur soap I've read reviews about some Joesoef sulfur soap (google it) and people have raved on other forums how it cleared up their skin drastically. After doing more research, sulfur seems pretty awesome. Thoughts?
        2. I'd like to dye my brows a dark blonde/light brown.. mine are like a medium to light blonde. i always just use a brow powder daily.
        3. Seriously, first moisturizer out of all the years i've used moisturizers on my face that I actually like. Doesn't make me look oily and doesn't break me out. Also, I love that it has no petroleum or mineral oil. If you ever discontinue it, I think I will cry and have no choice but to gather pickiters and protest. Thank you
        4. I don't think the mineral makeup was my culprit. I believe the breakout I was having was still from my initial breakout on starting birth control pills. My skin is starting to clear up now and I started using the MMU again.. and I've had no problems. I'll even sleep with it at night if I sleep at my bf's (I'll wash my face and put treatment on before-hand of course.)
        5. Mandy Ann


          Everyone is different, some people never get IB's, some people do. The IB's can last from anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. I personally got a really bad IB starting after the first week of taking it. I'm going to be starting my 3rd month in about 8 days and I am finally just starting to clear up now. I not by any means close to being clear yet, but the severe breakouts have stopped lol. I'm confident by the 6th month mark, I'll be completely clear. Also, my breasts don't oft
        6. Aww sorry babe, I never check my profile because I assume no one ever leaves me comments (*cries*) :P. Lucky you for getting to work in Miami! Florida is the shiiit. If I managed to scrap up any extra money, I may just have to take the 3 day drive to come visit your ass. :P

          1. I started on Yasmin about a month+ 2 weeks ago. I experienced a terrible IB, acne covering my face, but alas it's starting to clear *knock on wood*... I know that it takes a good few months to see results so I'll definitely be sticking with this.
          2. Hey Dan, I'm about 2 seconds away from ordering your moisturizer (all I have to do is click "place order"!), but before I do so, I was just wondering what the pH of the moisturizer is. Thanks!
          3. Nope it'll be fine I use 2% salicylic acid whips with finacea with no problem. If anything, the salicylic acid would help the finacea absorb more since it's an exfoliant.
          4. How are you Mr. Slim? 8) Living up life in the Caribbean?

            1. Ahhh! I feel so horrible! I haven't checked my profile in ages and I saw that you left a comment a few months ago asking where to buy finacea. =[ If you're still interested, this is the australian website I order it from--


              Again, I'm so sorry! Good luck with everything. :D