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  1. I'm not sure... but I could be having an allergic reaction to minocycline. Has anyone ever gotten a bad reaction to mino? I've been on minocycline for 2 weeks now. 3 days after starting on minocycline, I was put on prednisone to calm down my face .. and all went really well with that. After I got off the prednisone, a few days later, my eyes got all swollen and my face got A LOT worse... and my throat feels a bit swollen. I also feel weak/a little dizzy.... Could this be from my minocyclin
  2. I have been doing lots of research over the past couple days because my acne just doesn't make sence to me. I went from moderate to severe within a matter of days... and it all happened after I got strep throat. I searched the org and other websites and concluded that perphaps its a staph infection I have since it all seemed to add up. First off, I have been getting random bruises on my legs ever since I got strep throat.. i'm not sure if that has to do with anything, but I figured that maybe th
  3. Who here has come off of the pill after finishing a course of accutane? Did you break out at all or did your skin stay the same?
  4. I just had 2 waffels, which were 3 grams of fat each... is that enough fat to absorb a 40 mg tane pill?
  5. Mandy Ann

    Olive Leaf Extract!

    Who here takes it? Did it help your skin at all? I just started taking it a couple days ago, not only in hopes that it will prevent acne (being its a natural antibiotic and all), but it also has a TON of awesome other health benefits. Also, if you do take it/have tried it, what dose did you use and how much Oleuropein did it contain? Thanks!
  6. I thought I'd post a couple of studies reguarding topical niacinamide on hyperpigmentation. Not only does this vitamin supposedly help significantly reduce hyperpigmention, but it can also help any acne (and fine lines, rosacea, etc. as well.) In fact, one study (which I'll post the link) was shown that 4% topical niacinamide is just as, if not more effective in treating acne than 1% clindamycin gel (a topical antibiotic often perscribed by derms.) As for red marks, it was shown that niacinam
  7. I got a 15 or 20% (can't remember) salicylic acid peel.. it's the MUAC (makeup artist choice) brand. I love it. I've used it plenty and it always refreshes my skin and makes pimples shrink and my skin glows. I just used it a couple days ago and my skin has been a bit flaky, but other than that, all is good.
  8. Mandy Ann

    Sulfur products

    Cool I'll try to find it and check it out.
  9. Mandy Ann

    Sulfur products

    What is the name of the product?
  10. Mandy Ann

    Sulfur products

    I use adult acnomel as well and it's the best thing I've ever used for my acne. I've been on proactiv, antiobiotics, the regimen, accutane TWICE... acnomel is the only thing that cleared me up fast. However, I ran out and am now breakout out again. Can't find it in stores around my area.. had to order it online. It FINALLY came in the mail on friday so yay for me.
  11. I made a timeline from when my skin was normal (just 4-5 months ago.. some pictures listed are almost a year old though) to very very severe painful cystic acne covering my face. Back when I was on the DKR regimen http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a78/AcdcisCoolerthanYou/before.jpg ^I actually COMPLAINED about my skin there. http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a78/Acdci...cture1589-1.jpg http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a78/Acdci...Picture3006.jpg http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a78/Acdci...Pictu
  12. Mandy Ann

    what is the best beer for acne?

    Yummy, that was my drink of choice for so long. Didn't break me out either. Hell of a hangover though.. I blame the cheap vodka I used to buy though.
  13. Mandy Ann

    what is the best beer for acne?

    Drink red wiiiiiiiiine. Antioxidants ftw. I'm going to get drunk off it in tonight, in fact. Much healthier than beer (in terms of calories and antioxidants.. correct me if I'm wrong) and you get drunk faster.
  14. I've been breaking out terribly lately. And I mean absolutely horribly. My skin was doing okay last month.. I had some hormonal breakouts due to starting birth control (on my chin and jawline and some on my forehead.) Then I decided to order mineral makeup (smokey mountain minerals to be exact), thinking it would calm my skin down! This formula has no bismuth, but it has lots of mica. Anyways, since using it, I've been getting cysts and whiteheads all over the apples of my cheeks and by my
  15. Aww why thank you, as do you =]

    1. Thank you very much :D

      1. Has any type of sulfur products worked for your skin? I'm planning on getting some kind of sulfur soap I've read reviews about some Joesoef sulfur soap (google it) and people have raved on other forums how it cleared up their skin drastically. After doing more research, sulfur seems pretty awesome. Thoughts?
      2. I haven't used those in forever, but thanks for reminding me! It's in the back of my makeup case somewhere. I am going to wear it tonight actually, the shimmer strips are incredibly lovely and flattering.

        1. [i'm sure there are a bunch of these threads already.. I'm just too lazy to look ] 1] Dr. Pepper chapstick........ gives a gorgeous reddish tint to my lips while still keeping them soft. 2] Tweezers.... God forbid if my eyebrows ever went back to my "pre-waxing/tweezing" days 3] Loreal's Hot Straight straightening cream/heat protectant. It's the only hair cream that makes my incredibly fried hair look shiny, soft, and healthy after straightening. 4] Curling Iron.. my hair looks so dull if its
        2. Mandy Ann

          Ever dyed your eyebrows?

          I'd like to dye my brows a dark blonde/light brown.. mine are like a medium to light blonde. i always just use a brow powder daily.
        3. Seriously, first moisturizer out of all the years i've used moisturizers on my face that I actually like. Doesn't make me look oily and doesn't break me out. Also, I love that it has no petroleum or mineral oil. If you ever discontinue it, I think I will cry and have no choice but to gather pickiters and protest. Thank you
        4. Mandy Ann

          mineral makeup giving me acne?

          I don't think the mineral makeup was my culprit. I believe the breakout I was having was still from my initial breakout on starting birth control pills. My skin is starting to clear up now and I started using the MMU again.. and I've had no problems. I'll even sleep with it at night if I sleep at my bf's (I'll wash my face and put treatment on before-hand of course.)
        5. Mandy Ann


          Everyone is different, some people never get IB's, some people do. The IB's can last from anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. I personally got a really bad IB starting after the first week of taking it. I'm going to be starting my 3rd month in about 8 days and I am finally just starting to clear up now. I not by any means close to being clear yet, but the severe breakouts have stopped lol. I'm confident by the 6th month mark, I'll be completely clear. Also, my breasts don't oft
        6. Aww sorry babe, I never check my profile because I assume no one ever leaves me comments (*cries*) :P. Lucky you for getting to work in Miami! Florida is the shiiit. If I managed to scrap up any extra money, I may just have to take the 3 day drive to come visit your ass. :P