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  1. Change of name: I am no longer PCgeek (I think I was being too harsh on myself), I am now called AdamJ. Hello again folks! I've been away for a week or so. Just this morning I got some photos developed from about a month ago from when me and my family went to Cornwall. As I was looking through them my first instinct was to look for the guy with crappy skin - however, I got a big shock. That guy wasn't there! Amazingly, my scars barely even showed up - in some of the photos you can't even see th
  2. Occasionally, but most of the time its ok.
  3. Hmm... Thats made me think. Most of my scars are little ones that measure only about 1-2mm in diameter (I have roughly about 10 on each cheek). I have a few others that are slightly bigger on either side. All of them are about 1mm deep. Saying that, what would be the best option? Would needling be neccessary? Maya, thanks - I've just posted you an E-mail.
  4. Yeah I'm still here. What type of scarring does needling work best on? Because I've probably got every type there is. Actually, I've been thinking - How big exactly does a scar have to get before it is untreatable? The scar I have on my cheek is roughly oval is shape, 5mm across & 10mm down & 1mm deep. Does that count as being big?
  5. Thanks maya. I'll give it a try. Hope everythings well for you.
  6. One thing that really bugs me - I have had people say I would be really good looking when my skins better - That really p*** me off, not the comment but because of my skin - its really holding me back.
  7. Thanks for the info. Actually, I have asked at my local skin hospital about getting laser surgery on the NHS but they just tell me that you have to pay for it (usually around £2000+) and I just don't have that kind of money (and I probably won't because finding a job is difficult). How did you find out about getting it on the NHS?
  8. I know how you all feel. I'm an extrovert whos had to retreat into himself because of cruelty from other people. I'm just desperate to do something about it and get my life back!!!
  9. I've been using the gel (2.5% & 5%) for about a month now, and so far so good - I've only had a few outbreaks, none that bad.
  10. I am 21 years old living in England, and have had acne since I was about 14-15. This site is brilliant. Acne has made me suffer a lot of depression in the past. This site has made me feel a lot better, a beacon of hope if you wish. Congrats to Dan for making a superb site! Now, my problem is that I have bad scarring to both sides of my face and a bad one from a cyst/spot I had a few years ago. Would this bad scar be treatable? (At least just make it less visable). Also, I am not very well off,