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  1. Hi all Asking all the guru's out there using Jojoba oil! Can you please tell me which product from this page i should get as i am in Australia and i would like to purchase it locally. http://www.seoc.com.au/search.asp?s=jojoba...CFRAvhgod2QNVOg Once you give the heads up i will speard the word as there are a few aussies that are after this product. Thanks
  2. SUNSENSE Anti-Ageing Face SPF 30+ • Octyl methoxycinnimate 8.0% • Bemotrizinol 2.15% • Methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol 1.5% • Propyl hydroxybenzoate 0.10% • Diazolidinylurea 0.10% • AHA • Vitamin E and B3 There is no information on what percentage AHA it has. On the back the following are ticket SPF 30% AHA's Vitamin E and b3 Broad spectrum Can this be used with Dans regimen for a substitute for moisturizer ? I am also taking Doxy 50 mg once a day Also
  3. WOW! that was really fast shipping. I ordered and the package came in 7 days. Very impressed indeed !!
  4. Hey !! i really think it's starting to work!! I have not broken out with a new pimple in 4 days now !! I HOPE IT STAYS LIKE THIS ! I also was really clear the whole time i spent with this girl i really like and i didnt break out at all and i was soo happy. THANKS SO MUCH DAN !
  5. Hi Dan I have nearly ran out of your BP GEL. I am waiting for the new tubes to come in the post. I was wondering if i could use normal clearsil in the mean time so i don't have to go through the BP hardening effect again. Please advise Cheers
  6. Hey Torbo...of course I hear ya. Thanks for your insight. People in this world need to open their eyes. and REALLY open them. You have to look at the deep, big picture. It's not just about chocolate. No no no. It's not just about food. No no no. It's not just about diet. No no no. It's a LOT of things combined. For example, look at heart disease. There isn't just one attributable factor. There's smoking, health, coronary problems, stress.......lots! Same thing with acne. Peo
  7. Hi Dan I am very impressed with your regimen, it is working very well indeed. I only have 2 active pimples. I am also on doxy 50 mg. However i still seem to break out with 1 or two pimples. I always break out with one or 2 pimples then they clear up and then another 2-3 break out again. It has always mostly been this way and it still persists with this regimen. I have been told many times that this is just my hormones and theres nothing can stop these breakouts. So i am thinking that your regim
  8. yer i really hope things will settle down after a few monhts. I hope that all the toxins are just getting flushed because i have tried so many products and regimens and they all seem to do nothing. I don't have full on acne just persistent pimples. They sometimes get really big and last for weeks, but i don't break out all over. I have alot of brown spots from old pimples that i wish would go away. I am going to get fraxel done to get these spots removed, but i have to wait until my pimples stop
  9. Yer ive found it really works well ! it works really fast. However i wouldnt recommend applying it if you have active acne. It seems it breaks me out. However i use it on the marks left from the dried up pimple afterwards. It works well with these marks. Damian i am also still wondering if you can get fraxel while using Dans regimen. If you have any info at all gimme a buzz. Cheers mate
  10. Hi all I would just like to know if you can use Dan's Regimen and Bio oil together ? http://www.bio-oil.info/ Where in the regimen would i use bio oil ? Thanks
  11. I think i found the answer to my question for Fraxel and active acne http://www.fraxel.com/downloads/abc7-narurkar.wmv The lady still has active acne and she had this procedure done
  12. Ok what if the practitioner says i can't use BP while on it. I have heard cases where people break out when they stop using BP. I don't want to break out and also can you have these procedures done while i'm still breaking out ?
  13. Hi I have been on Dan's BP regimen for nearly 4 weeks now and it seems to be working well. I have a frew questions as i have alot of pigmentation from old pimples and alot of freckles which makes me feel very depressed and i have to do somthing about it soon. I want to know if it is ok to get FRAXEL Laser or IPL Treatments even though i'm still breaking out (or if it's safe to keep using Dan's Regimen with this while i'm having the procedure done. If not how long should i wait after i am c
  14. I hope it does work because i broke out pretty bad I'm going to stick with it, but i did not think i would break out this bad. Is it just clearing all the impurities that were there before ?
  15. Hi dan Thanks so much for the response. This has made me feel a lot better as i was getting very depressed about breaking out so bad. I think one of my mistakes is Not being gentle enough: when you apply the bp it should take several minutes. This requires patience. Make sure to go slowly and let the bp glide over your skin. Try to be patient and let it absorb on its own without forcing it. I will have to work on that one. Thanks for restoring my faith and i hope to see good results Che