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  1. it made me breakout i tried the whole line and hated it
  2. you can mix it with a moisturizer to get lower percentage i do so with my 5% bp to get 2.5% it's way less iritating
  3. i'm also listening to nightrage (currently in playlist), excellent band hmm, lets see, some of my favorite: in flames, dark tranquillity, death, cob, kalmah, amon amarth, old amorphis, the crown, callenish circle, arch enemy, at the gates, the duskfall, eternal tears of sorrow, ebony tears, gardenian (heh), gates of ishtar, sepultura, vader, omnium gatherum, hypocrisy, underoath, dissection, dimension zero etc....
  4. what do i think ? long live gothenburg, hehe not to be ot, try the acne cure or botchla's regimen they aren't to harsh but do a great job
  5. a good SA scrub should do the job but be carefull, these things are very harsh
  6. don't think BP helps fade red marks i have some bleaching gel with GA and bisabolol and it's very good at fading i used it for awhile (didn't have only GA) and now i look like a vampire,heh mah, i'll use this cream wash, have nothing to lose currently using some SA losion (with ALCOHOL) and 5% BP, doubt it can get any harsher one more question, can these closed microcomedones get inflamed ? my face is full of these small bumps and when i started using SA many of them turned into black
  7. shit, i got some c&c deep cleansing cream wash instead of the acne wash, they don't have it, mtf #-o the cream wash has also SA (x%), could i use this or should i keep searching ?
  8. little OT but what do you think about c&c continuous control acne wash (the one with 2% SA) ? i need it for the acne cure regimen and is the dual action mosturizer any good ? tnx
  9. i had a major brakeout on the end of week 3, but now i'm on week 4 and my face is very good when i started the regimen i got a whole new bunch of blackheads but they are going away, slowly but i hope forever this is normal, don't worry
  10. hmm, didn't know that. i'm sorry. i would rather say it's a lack of culture and not a part of it. heh, move to europe, it's beautiful in this time of year
  11. one more thing... i still have acne, but i'm not giving up, no way, i'll fight till the end you said: i'm not sure how it is there, but i've heard in places like europe, they're not nearly as critical of physical appearances. i'm from europe and far as i know, here even if you have really bad acne or something, nobody will say a single word. and if you look good you will easily get a good compliment. many people around me just ignore my bad look. i hope it's same in the usa. or ?
  12. as skye said, there is no use of thinking negative, you only get deprimated and sad. get stuck in one place. you must think positive. why ? because only then, you will be happy with yourself and so will others. don't be so afraid. IMO, you are just doing the contrary thing than you should be doing. imagine it so. if you had a choice to hang out with a deprimated or a happy person full of energy, which one would you choose ? i would choose the second one. believe me, the world is as you see i
  13. hmm, sound good, thanks a lot!!! i'll try it right now wrap my whole head in scotch tape, hehe
  14. p.s. i would lower the dosage but my skin breakouts then, tried it
  15. i just finished 1 week of the regimen and my skin is killing me. it's very very dry, and peeling all over my face. i know it's normal but the flakes of skin are ugly and i can't cover them. so i was wondering is there some method to get rid of the flakes ? i would scratch them off but...irritation, scars etc.... # i'm using: some noname (hygieia) facial wash with zinc complex akneroxid (some german noname) 5%bp - mix it up 1:1 with the mosturizer to get 2.5% vichy normaderm mosturizer