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  1. i'm on the home stretch of my course and i was wondering if i could speed up the process a bit. i'm on 60g/day right now. would it hurt to throw in another pill to bump it up to 80 on 1 or 2 days a week to end up a week or two early while still getting the same dosage? i know it should work ok, but will the side effects be just markedly less severe than consistently taking 80g/day? thanks!
  2. yeah, i probably won't do it. still, i've been to 4 derms and they were all useless. i feel like i know more about acne and accutane than some of the derms i've been to. how many more could there be in the area? boo.
  3. i went to get the derm (again) to hopefully get prescribed accutane, especially for oil control. he put me on the same meds i've been taking that don't work and said that cetaphil was causing my oil and that it's ok b/c it makes my skin look younger. umm what? i know this is frowned upon on these boards, but i'm considering purchasing accutane online and then getting the checkups and bloodwork done myself. oh well...
  4. it's moderate when i'm not using bp. on bp, my skin clears up, but i know it is damaging my skin for the long run. i've heard a lot of people have gotten accutane to take care of moderate yet persistent acne. mine just won't go away, and my parents and older brother still break out. what's so wrong with trying accutane if it's monitored closely and i'm aware of the side effects? thanks for the reply. i'll check out that site
  5. awesome, another $20 wasted on a worthless derm. i told him antibiotics hadn't worked in the past, but he prescribed me some anyway. i told him i wanted to get rid of all the oil, and he told me it kept my face looking young and that accutane was never prescribed for acne and oil like i had. what a bastard. does anyone call the dermatology office and ask about accutane prescription policies beforehand? i just want to find a derm that listens to what i want and doesn't see accutane as satan
  6. i believe so - flaxseed oil is similar to fish oil except it comes from a plant. yummy! w00t indeed.
  7. ah, thanks - i wish the secretary that set up my appointment would have mentioned that. i told her i wanted to be prescribed accutane.
  8. i guess i'm wondering if the first test is just a standard blood test so if i show up at the derm's office with it will it be ok?
  9. umm, the neck thing MIGHT be from bp. were you ever on dan's regimen? even if you didn't put it directly on your neck, it can still get irritated and extra-sensitive to touch. then when you scratch it, it stays red for a longass time. try moisturizing it and keeping bp and other products like it away.
  10. thanks guys. so do i have to do anything special when i go to my college health center? or can i just tell them i want a blood test?
  11. does anyone know if it would be possible to get your bloodwork done before you actually visit the derm? my appointment is in a week, but i don't want to have to wait another week to start taking accutane while my bloodwork is being done. can you just go to a doctor for a blood test and take the results with you to the dermatologist?
  12. hmm, i'm not really sure how insurance companies work. if my derm doesn't accept a certain insurance (mine of course) can i still get the pills at a reduced rate at the pharmacy? all my other meds were copay. thanks!
  13. i'm going to guess that an initial breakout is usually going to happen, even if you're on other meds beforehand. i think it's a good thing though, b/c it shows that the new medication is working. if you're still breaking out on the old medication, then it makes sense that the new (accutane) will work better and push that shit to the surface once and for all. of course, if you start with smaller doses, the IB won't be as noticeable.
  14. yeah, i'm a guy. i have tried a lot, and it's getting worse as of late so i'm hoping the derm will prescribe it. i'm almost 22, so i feel like i'm old enough to know the risks and make a good decision.
  15. i am in the us. i've tried monocycline tetracycline ampicillin differin tazorac benzaclin b5 salycylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (pretty much any otc med) my acne is moderate and persistant and it's starting to leave some hyperpigmentation i'm pretty oily, especially on my nose the bottom line is that this is affecting my life and i'm going in there demanding accutane. nothing else has worked for me except LOADING up on bp, but that led to expression lines and my skin is still damaged.
  16. ok so i'm actually going to the derm here soon and i'm asking for accutane. the bastard better give it to me. any advice for me? is there anything i should do in advance? how long will it take to actually get the pills? i'm assuming guys don't have to do the ipledge thing, but i'm not sure. thanks
  17. anyone have any luck with online accutane venders?
  18. that's what i wasn't sure about. does the bacteria come back so quickly that you need to constantly be combating it?
  19. on a somewhat unrelated note, does anyone here have problems with different types of acne on different parts of their face? i get papules usually everywhere except my nose, where i get mostly blackheads and whiteheads. how do you guys combat the two different types?
  20. in your opinion, how much effect can overapplication of medications have on your acne? can it really produce a worsening? how do you know when this is the case?
  21. Can using a 2.5% BP wash be just as effective as the gel or do you have to have it on you all day?
  22. does anyone have a picture or link to the bottle of 2.5% bp wash? i can't find it at cvs or walmart. granted, both the cvs and the walmart in my area are really crappy. i can't find any bp washes less than 10%.