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  1. My dosage has just been bumped up to 40mg, and I've been told to take two 20mg tablets a day. Do I have to take them at the same time or one in the morning and one in the evening. Are there any benefits to taking it either way? I know it's a silly question but I don't want to do anything wrong! Thankyou (:
  2. Wow, your skin sounds exactly the same as mine. I'm starting accutane in 2 weeks and I'm really nervous. But excited at the thought of finally having clear skin! Good luck in getting your accutane and hope you have excellent results
  3. Wow. Your skin looks and sounds exactly the same as mine. How is the regimen going?
  4. Thank you for replying. Unfourtunately my acne is as bad as I described. I've been to my doctors before and he's prescribed me many different types of antibiotics, but they never seem to have a big effect. I keep asking him to refer me to a dermatologist but he never does. The Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel came in the post today, and I've bought the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap in Mild to cleanse with. Fingers crossed that these will help me to clear up a bit before I go on holiday in July
  5. Will this still work for me even though my face and neck are covered severely in the bumps? I can't see an area of my face which is actually clear..
  6. I had about 6 sessions last year and was kind of impressed. After the treatment my skin was smooth and glowing as you described. This lasted about 5-6 days but then the spots started to come back. The lady explained to me that because my acne was hormonal, even though the microdermabrasion could control it, it would never be a cure for my acne. I've also heard a lot of people who had good results with this, so fingers crossed it works for you. Keep us posted
  7. I'm really really sorry if this has been posted before, but do the products still help if your acne is hormonal? These products sound excellent and all the information you've typed is really helpful. I'm just worried about purchasing the products and spending alot of money if they can't help my skin because of hormones. Thank you ever so much
  8. A couple of months ago I had an ear infection and my doctor gave me some antibiotics for it. About 5 days later my skin was dramatically clearing up and even a few people commented on it. Unfortunately they ran out after a week. Do you think that I could possibly find out the name of these antibiotics and keep taking them for my spots, or would that be dangerous? Well, not exactly dangerous but are all antibiotics meant for long-term usage? Any help appreciated please
  9. ;o I've just been putting the ACV on without diluting it. Is that bad?
  10. Well I've still got a month left of holidays but I'm absolutely dreading going back to school, just the thought of it terrifies me. This year I've got exams coming up so I need to work extra hard to achieve good grades. I'd love to go back to school with clear skin, and everyone to notice and compliment me on it. Then I'd gain more confidence to make some new friends and would probably even be confident enough to start some lunchtime clubs to meet new people. That would be great and it would
  11. I've seen bad pictures of myself before with my acne, and after editing for 5 minutes on photoshop, I actually look okay. Sometimes I look into really blurry mirrors and I can just see my face with no acne, but that makes me even more determined to fight it and get rid of it, because I know there's something worth fighting for underneath it all.
  12. When I say it's working, they say 'Don't get your hopes up too high.' And when I say I don't think it's working they say 'Don't be so pesamistic.' What am I supposed to say then?
  13. Yeah I hate that too. And when I try to explain that it takes some time to start working properly they look at me as if I'm crazy. xx